Review: The Truth About Tepui Tents


Tepui Tents were born out of a road trip through Venezuela. Here, the founder (Evan Currid) noticed that most people were camping on top of their cars due to the number of critters on the ground. He decided to import this product to the United States while improving the overall quality to meet the different environmental conditions.

That is how in 2010, Tepui (Tepui coming from the Venezuelan word for tabletop mountain) came into fruition and is now the leader in rooftop tents throughout North America.

Why Should I Buy A Tepui Tent?


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The “why?” of choosing a rooftop tent over a ground tent is simple. It is easier and safer. In a Tepui tent, you are off the ground, meaning you are a harder meal to get to for a bear and less susceptible to leakage from groundwater.

Also, after your initial installation, daily set up is simply a matter of unzipping the cover, flipping it open, and securing your guylines and ladder. The simplicity is overwhelmingly valuable after a long day of travel or hiking.

With the Tepui tent, you also don’t have to worry about rocks digging into your side on rocky terrain or accidentally setting up on uneven ground. Here the car works for you and the built-in mattress keeps you comfortable in any outdoor setting.


One of the best things you will gain with your Tepui purchase is a community of outdoor enthusiasts. Much like those found in the Jeep Wrangler and Airstream communities, the people that love this product also love meeting others who do as well.

At the annual Tepui Fest you will see an integrated social gathering of overlanders, camping enthusiasts and families brought together under the love for Tepui and what it means for their outdoor journeys.

Pros and Cons of the Tepui Tents:

Here are some of the biggest pros and cons that exist with Tepui Tents:


*If you are a lone traveler, you still don’t have to worry about set up. You will be able to open and break down your tent in less than 10 minutes.
*You will drag in less dirt.
*You can camp on any terrain your car allows you to get to.
*You will be less susceptible to wildlife and bugs.
*These tents can withstand much higher winds than the average ground tent due to its secured placement to your vehicle.


*The ladder is slippery when wet giving you a potential hazard especially when you are trying to leave in a hurry.
* If you are camping with a large dog it may be difficult getting them in and out of the tent.

*You can only camp as far as your car will take you. If you have a small two-wheel drive vehicle you may not be able to set up at an optimal location.
*The cost for even a small version is much higher than the usual ground tent, averaging between $1,000 – $2,000.

The truth is the Tepui tent is a great addition to any adventurer’s gear list. You may be camping your way across the country or just enjoy spending the weekend outdoors with your family. Even as a backpacker you can see the benefit of having such a simple and comfortable home base.

No matter your camping background the simple design of these tents along with the added security and weather resistance means you will be comfortable wherever you land. It may be heavy in cost up front, but the benefits far outweigh the initial drawback.

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