CrossBreed SuperTuck Holster Review


CrossBreed SuperTuck concealed carry holsters are some of the best you can get. They offer a combination of durability and comfort that are rarely seen on in waistband (IWB) holsters.

However, to understand what makes the SuperTuck above the rest, you need to know what makes a conceal carry, IWB holster prominent among its counterparts.

CrossBreed SuperTruck Holster

What Makes a Great Concealed carry Holster?

Gun holsters and concealed carry holsters should not be treated equally. The number one reason and the most important is safety. The trigger is not covered in general holsters or is covered by flimsy material. This leads to a potential for fabric or other materials to getting caught and accidentally pulling the trigger. This is not something you want happening while walking through the grocery store.

A great concealed carry holster, on the other hand, will have total trigger coverage along with things like good concealability, retention, and a positive grip.

Good retention means that your gun will “stay put”, even if you flip it upside down.

As for concealment, it is in the name. When you conceal carry you want to be discreet. You want to prevent “printing” (when the outline can be seen against your shirt) as much as possible.

Why IWB holsters over others?

There are multiple places on the body to conceal a weapon based on various conditions. However, in the realm of simplicity, IWB holsters tend to reign supreme. The first reason is concealment. Here most of your weapon is concealed below the belt preventing the “printing” that occurs with most out of the waistband (OWB) holsters.

The shoulder holster looks great in the movies, but again without a coat or suit jacket, your weapon will be fully visible while carrying.

The ankle holster is probably the best for concealment but is not very practical when it comes to a quick draw.

The IWB holsters instead give you the characteristics of all. You have a placement anywhere on the waistband that is preferable, along with a quick draw from the hip. With varying levels of support, it is less likely to slip or engage.

What makes the SuperTuck special?

So then why choose the SuperTuck from Crossbreed?

Most conceal carry IWB holsters are going to be made from Kydex material or leather. Both have their pros and cons. Kydex gives you the durability of its hardened plastic with little comfort. Leather, on the other hand, is much more comfortable but is more susceptible to the elements. Sweat and heat are some of the factors that can break down leather very quickly.

Crossbreed decided to offer a solution.

The SuperTuck is made from both. The framework is made from tough Kydex allowing for a quicker draw and keeping the holster structurally intact, while the leather provides a comfortable backing, so it won’t agitate your skin.

While the manufacturer allows for retention resetting, it is not likely you will need it. The retention provided out of the box is perfect for most medium to large pistols.

The CrossBreed SuperTuck also uses corrosion and chip-proof spring steel belt clip to secure the holster while helping to distribute the added weight of the pistol across a wider area. With this addition you also get the benefit of the Kydex shell being left open, meaning the same holster accommodates all barrel lengths of a series.

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