Why Your Next Blind Should Have Primos SurroundView


Most hunters will agree, a blind will increase their chances of leaving with a trophy (or some food). The better a blind conceals them, the better the chances of bagging the “big one.” But, there is one caveat.. the better a blind is at hiding the hunter, the harder it is for the hunter to see out of. It’s become acceptable that there is this “trade-off,” until now. Enter Primos SurroundView..

Primos has put out a new line of blinds with their SurroundView technology, and it’s absolutely changing everything. Their new technology allows you see EVERYTHING while inside of your blind. No more looking through small windows and/or slits. Instead, you’ll be able to see everything as it is happening, all while in the comfort of your blind. And the great part, the animals cannot see you.

How Does SurroundView Work?

Basically, Primos SurroundView works by utilizing micro-cuts, or perforations, in the fabric covering the blind. On the inside of the blind, it’s like you are just chilling out in a chair in the middle of the woods. On the outside, it’s covered in a camo pattern that conceals you extremely well.

Because of the camo pattern printed over the small holes, it’s near impossible for our eyes, or animal eyes, to see inside the blind. But, from the inside where the light is limited and there is no pattern, seeing outside is a breeze.

Which Blinds Have SurroundView?

Well, as of right now, only Primos offers the revolutionary SurroundView. And they have four models that you can buy with SurroundView; they are:

  • Double Bull SurroundView Stake-Out
  • Double Bull SurroundView 360 Blind
  • Double Bull SurroundView 270 Blind
  • Double Bull SurroundView 180 Blind

The 180, 270, and 360 models are respective of how many degrees of SurroundView you have. The 180 has two walls of SurroundView, the 270 has three walls of SurroundView, and the 360 has four walls of SurroundView for a totally immersive experience.  All three models are 60” x 60” x 70”, so you’ll need about 5’ of cleared space to put your blind.

The Stake-Out model is a shield that is open on all sides, but sits in front of you with the SurroundView technology hiding you from view. This model is 59” wide and 37” tall and it can be used is almost anywhere.

Are There Any Cons To The Primos SurroundView Blinds?

One of the most noticeable issues we’ve found is the fact that Primos decided to leave the windows black instead of sticking to the SurroundView and camo pattern. It doesn’t make sense at all, and it looks a little odd from the outside.

Next, the carrying case is a little basic. A lot of users have reported that the carrying case breaks/tears easily after just a few uses of setting up/taking down.

And finally, the SurroundView blinds are not waterproof. They are water resistant, so you won’t get soaked, but they do let water in. Ultimately, unless you are in a flood-type rain, you shouldn’t get too wet (if at all).

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Primos SurroundView blinds are going to change the way you hunt forever. We’ve never been more excited about a hunting blind than we are with these. Primos claims that these blinds have no blind spots, and we’d have to agree with them (except for the blacked-out windows …).

The SurroundView technology makes it easy to watch everything happening, without having to move around, opening slits and/or windows. Ultimately, the SurroundView blinds are worth every penny, even if they are priced higher than their competition; the competition has nothing close to the Primos SurroundView blinds, period!

And, of course, Primos has been around for a long time and they stand behind all of their products. And the Primos SurroundView blinds are included in their Limited Lifetime Warranty program.

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