When Turkeys Attack: Illinois Shed Hunter Has Tom Turkey Encounter He Won’t Soon Forget


Some of my personal favorite hunting stories have stemmed from turkey hunting. Chasing early morning gobbles across Michigan public lands with my brother has produced multiple gut-busting tales I share at hunt camp every year. Well, this Illinois shed hunter had himself one of those ‘never forget’ moments, and will likely be telling everybody about this tom turkey encounter any chance he gets.

Joe Galloy is the fella behind the camera in this video, and he found himself in a bit of a pickle while out shed hunting one afternoon..

You see, Joe was scouring a field looking for a set of fallen shed antlers, when he was suddenly approached by a dubious tom turkey. To the best of Joe’s recollection, here’s how it all went down:

Found one of the two deer I was looking for today. if that wasn’t exciting enough Mr. Tom decided to have some input!! Sorry for the f bomb about 30-40 seconds in to the fight but I couldn’t believe this happened to me of all people. Once in a lifetime opportunity here. Excited and somewhat fearful. Again sorry for the one slip! Please watch the entire film for your viewing pleasure!

Here’s the video (some language NSFW):

How wild was that?

This behavior isn’t all that uncommon in turkeys this time of year, so I always say keep your head on a swivel when in the woods during early spring.

The only other thing I can say is you should definitely take your own advice and get yourself a turkey tag, sir! Have you ever experienced a tom turkey encounter like this before? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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