Decked Truck Bed Storage System Review


Late this winter/early spring, I checked out the DECKED truck bed storage system. This product is very much a multi-purpose tool, especially for those who not only use their truck for work purposes, but also as their everyday around town vehicle. DECKED® makes several models that fit in almost all makes and models of full-size pickups, mid-size pickups, cargo vans and service body vehicles.

I have a full-size Chevy Silverado which already has a tonneau cover on it, however, the DECKED storage system is still usable even with a full cap or tonneau. It sits low enough that you can still utilize the drawers and stack stuff on top all while still being able to close the cover. With the cover open is where the system really shines, as it has the capability to support up to a 2,000 payload on top of the deck. Even with that much weight, it does not interfere with the drawers.

Personally, I incorporated some of the different accessories available from DECKED which really allow you to customize the system to match your lifestyle perfectly. The D-Boxes, for example, make perfect work tool boxes for storing tools and other equipment to keep them from rolling around in the back of your vehicle. Plus, with the locking system on the drawers you can rest easy knowing that your tools are locked safely and securely while in storage compartments.

I on the other hand, will be using the unit to store and haul my hunting/fishing gear in and out of the field.

For me, the D-Box serves as the perfect accessory to hold all my hunting trinkets – from safety harnesses and decoys to ammunition and clothes. During the spring, I can store all my fishing tackle and even my full-length fishing rods without the worry of them getting crashed by other gear or closed in the tailgate. Another cool accessory is the Koplin Gun Rack system that mounts in to the drawers. This allows you to securely store and transport your expensive firearms. Remember, you can upgrade your drawers so that they are fully secured and lockable and the entire system is weatherproof, so you don’t have to worry about your tools or firearms being damaged.

decked truck bed storage system

There are a ton of other cool accessories that will help customize the system to match up with your lifestyle and desired purpose. It comes with some assembly required, but there are a ton of videos online that walk you through the entire process. I was able to install the system by myself in under an hour and a half, but having another set of hands would make it go a lot quicker. To see all the accessories and applications, head over to and search for your vehicle to see what they have available. If you want to safely and securely haul a bunch of gear and bring along your ATV, its never been easier! And now you can do so without having to bring along the trailer making travel that much easier.

The system was very study and secure once installed and the overall craftsmanship was on point. It fit perfectly in my truck bed and had all of the perfectly fine tuned adjustments needed to keep it from shifting around while driving. I would highly recommend this unit to anyone looking for something to transform the bed of their pickup, work truck or cargo can in to a more functional and secure space.

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