Review: PSE Evoke 31 Compound Bow + Video


I’ve been shooting the PSE Evoke 31 for the past couple of months as part of the 2019 Hunting Bow Project for our sister site

This bow has a fairly compact axle-to-axle length of 31 inches, brace height of six inches, and IBO rated speed of 342 feet per second.

The Evoke 31 has one of the nicest draw cycles I’ve tested this year. It starts out quite light and builds up to the full weight a little later that some others and ends without a big dump into the valley. The back wall is reasonably firm with a touch of give as you pull through the shot.

After the shot, the PSE Evoke 31 stays pretty quiet and vibration is kept to a minimum. It’s definitely among the leaders in both categories of the hunting bows I tested this year.

Probably my favorite feature of this bow is the adjustable let off. My test bow came from the factory with let off set to 90%, but you can move it to 80% or 85% in just a few seconds. Being able to have that kind of control over holding weight and valley allows you to get the feel at full draw you are looking for. It’s a feature I wish more manufacturers offered.

Fit and finish on the PSE Evoke 31 is generally very solid. While I usually prefer a solid color bow, the camo on the riser seems very well done. There is some minor flaking on the holes on the top and bottom of the riser, but beyond that the bow is flawless.

To test for speed, I shot a 350-gran Gold Tip Platinum Pierce and a 475-grain Gold Tip AirStrike through the chronograph. Draw length was set to 29 5/8″ and draw weight was set to 70 pounds. The lighter arrow produced an average of 332 feet per second, while the AirStrikes saw an average of 285 feet per second.

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