Review: Prime Logic CT3 Compound Bow + Video


I’ve been shooting the Prime Logic CT3 for the past few month as part of ArcheryTalk’s 2019 Hunting Bow Project. This bow is outfitted with a Spot-Hogg Hunter five-pin sight, Hamskea Trinity Hunter Pro arrow rest, and a peep.

This bow has an axle-to-axle length of 33 inches, brace height of 6.5 inches, and IBO rated speed of 335 feet per second. I am shooting the Logic CT3 with the draw length set to 29 7/8 inches and a draw weight of 70 pounds.

The draw cycle of the Logic CT3 is one of my favorites this year. It is a smooth pull and remarkably light feeling with no noticeable dump into the valley. It really doesn’t feel like a 70-pound bow at all.

I’ve got the Prime Logic CT3 set up with limb stops, which offer up a very firm back wall. You can opt to go with cable stops if you prefer a little give as you pull through the shot.

The bow feels good and stable at full draw, though I’ve not been quite as consistent with my groups with the CT3 as I have been with a few other bows this year. I really like the fact that I can tweak the holding weight and valley by moving the limb stops in or out. It’s a feature I’d like to see on more bows.

As for fit and finish, I don’t think Prime takes a back seat to anybody. The Logic series in particular has looked fantastic in all three test bows I’ve had. The CT3 is dressed in a morel riser and it is flawless. The string and cables are holding up perfectly so far with no peep rotation or serving separation.

Compared to most other Prime bows I’ve shot over the past few years, the Logic CT3 gave me some tuning headaches. I had a vertical tear that was difficult to shake, though I did end up getting rid of it by tweaking my tweaking my nocking point and advancing the top cam a hair.

To test for speed, I shot a 350-gran Gold Tip Platinum Pierce and a 475-grain Gold Tip AirStrike through the chronograph. The lighter arrow produced an average of 322 feet per second, while the heavier AirStrikes saw an average of 281 feet per second.

If you are on the lookout for a super smooth drawing hunting bow with top level fit and finish, the Prime Logic CT3 is worth checking out.

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