Zerust Products for Rust Prevention and Protection of Firearms and Other Stuff


Back in January 2017, a friend and I set out to do a serious product test of a product that promises to fight a primary destroyer of guns – rust. And while the best-laid plans sometimes go awry, as they did in our little experiment, the products are still noteworthy.

Zerust is the brand name for a series of patented rust prevention products. They’re made to store with a firearm or other products at risk of rust. The company states that Zerust products emit ions around them, in a volume of space commensurate with the product’s size. It comes in multiple forms including a pellet of several sizes and a ruler-like plastic tile.

This experiment was aided by the use of Flambeau’s double-walled, impact-resistant Safe Shot pistol cases. For storage or transportation, they proved to be not only sturdy and customizable but also spider-proof.

Zerust Products
Double layers of protection and custom luck foam in this Flambeau pistol case

For this series of tests, we used Zerust VC-1 pellets, which are about the size and shape of a “fun size” candy bar. It is touted to prevent rust in a one-foot radius for one year. We also used a Zerust “Plastab,” a plastic panel impregnated with the company’s secret ionizing coating that prevents rust. The largest Plastab currently available is 3×1 inches, and protects a 0.3-foot radius around it for a period of at least two years. The one in this test is approximately 6×2 inches.

Here is a short description of the three tests run with Zerust products. In Test 3, the Flambeau Safe Shot pistol cases were also used.

Test 1: I sought to find out whether a Zerust VC-1 pellet would prevent tarnishing/corrosion on ammunition. Two rounds of .223 Remington were sealed in a Ziploc sandwich bag, along with the pellet. As a control, I placed two more rounds in an identical bag without Zerust. The bags were placed in on the floor on the outer wall of a lawn shed that takes on a bit of water during heavy rains.

Zerust Products
Experiment conditions for the control -left- and test -right- ammo

After 19 months, and miraculously no destruction of the bags by rodents, the Zerust-protected ammo came out looking shiny and new as it did in January—but so did the ammo in the control bag.

Zerust Products
The two rounds on the left were stored without Zerust

Test 2: My friend put a VC-1 pellet into a padded, canvas gun bag along with a shotgun. That bag is stored in a locking truck bed toolbox. This test ended earlier than the others. Back in September 2018, a rare but severe desert downpour hit the area. No one thought anything of it at the time. But when the case was pulled out for practice in December, it was a dismaying sight. Turns out the toolbox isn’t waterproof as promised. The visible effects of soaking were ugly enough on a new bag. But the long gun inside was just sad. Every metal surface on the old Ithaca was pocked with rust. Okay, so this was a bit more demanding than the humble pellet promises to handle. So Test 2 was a flop, through no fault of the products of interest.

Zerust Products
January 2017-Safe Shot cases, Zerust Plastab, and shiny shoes

Test 3: Since I had a set of shiny horseshoes, a Zerust Plastab, and two Safe Shot pistol cases from Flambeau, what a natural experiment this was. The control shoe was placed into a Safe Shot case by itself.  I resisted the temptation to carve out shoe-shaped niches for each subject. The thick, cushy foam lining of this TSA-compliant gun box is “pluck foam,” which is to say it’s cut into sections that can be plucked out to make a custom fit around a gun or other gear. I resisted the temptation to make a custom horseshoe case.

Zerust Products
Horseshoes in place January 2017

After 19 months in the shed, the Safe Shot cases looked like something from a horror movie, covered in spider webs and dust. The insides of each metal clasp housed a live spider—the first was a surprise; none are still around to tell the tale of my reaction to unexpected spider encounters. As I opened each box, it was obvious the cases seal very well. The metal clasps that secure the lid are rock-solid, and there was a quite obvious line around the edge of the open box where dirt just ended. The foam still had a fresh sparkle; the plastic on the interior was pristine. The shoes looked as fancy as pieces of jewelry in a presentation box—except for the rust. Yep, a light, freckly finish of reddish brown covered each one equally. The Safe Shot box had kept the shoes clean, but a Zerust 2-year Plastab had failed to protect the experimental shoe from oxidation.

Zerust Products
17 months of dust and climate exposure
Zerust Products
August 2019- both shoes have rust. The one on the right had Zerust


Zerust surely does offer some protection from rust, however it is far from a complete solution on its own, especially in harsh environments. It’s inexpensive to try. The Safe Shot pistol cases ($40.49) by Flambeau offered fantastic protection against outside dust and critters.

Some spiders were harmed in the process of this gear review.

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