Gear Hunter – Muck Boots Chore XF


Outdoor enthusiasts are pretty partial to our footwear. It has to fit well, keep our feet dry and, for cold weather use, keep our feet warm too. When the Muck Boots brand hit the scene years ago, they started a new revolution in “rubber” boots. Hunters like rubber boots because they eliminate scent trails and keep our feet dry. I have never been able to wear Muck boots, or many rubber boots for that matter due to having big feet and calves. Recently, I found a pair of Muck boots made for wide calves, the Muck Boots Chore XF and I tried them on. Let’s just say I’m impressed.

Muck Boots are widely known in the farming community for good reason. They last a long time and who really wants to step into a barnyard with leather boots? That isn’t going to wash off very easily. The Muck Boots Chore XF is the company’s standard Chore series boot with a gusset at the back to allow for wider calves and bigger feet.


The Fit

These boots have really good arch support and a comfortable foot bed. I normally wear a size 14 4E shoe, and I found the size 14 Chore XF a great fit, even with heavy socks. Here is the other extremely important factor to these boots and the fit – I can easily take them off, too. Ever have rubber boots that are a little tight and you have to wrestle with them to get them off? Yeah, it isn’t fun.

With other boot brands, I’ve usually had to buy the side-zip versions and then hope for the best. The problem still persisted of the boots being too tight around the ankle. The Muck Chore XF has enough ankle support to be comfortable for extended wear, but enough flexibility in the design to allow my big, fat feet to slide in and out.

Using Them

I hunt, fish, ride ATVs and all the other fun stuff in the great outdoors. I also have a small hobby farm that requires daily chores to keep going. So far in my testing, the Chore XF boots have been flawless. The boots have triple toe and quadruple rubber heel reinforcement, so they are sturdy. It’s winter now and the boots have kept my feet warm during some late season archery deer hunts. They’re rated for -40 degrees, and luckily I haven’t had to test that far.

There’s something else that has proven to be a good thing. These boots are easy to clean, including the lug sole. We have ducks and goats, and I don’t dare bring that into the house. My wife is kind of used to it, but I don’t need my retriever rolling around on the rug by the door.

And don’t go thinking Muck Boots is anti-hunting, a rumor that made the circuit a few years back. They know who their customer base is – farmers and hunters. They support our lifestyles. You wouldn’t see them on our site if they were anti-hunting. Period.

The Gear Hunter Deal

Normally, you’d find these boots for around $140. That’s not a bad price for extremely good boots. However, if you act now, Amazon has these bad boys for only $104.89! Since the majority of my boots tend to cost in excess of $150, I thought the $140 MSRP was good. For the Amazon price, I may just buy another pair on general principle. I’m thinking of getting a pair to leave in the truck for those times when I’m out doing something fun and find myself in a sticky (muddy) situation.

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