1. The family patriarch, Bill Busbice was the Chairman of the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission, and he was on the board for 8 years prior to assuming the chairmanship. So it’s pretty much a given that this family knows a thing or two about wildlife.

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2. The Busbices live on a 55,000-acre property that has been hunted on by celebrities like Dick Cheney the Robertson Family. The property is actually so expansive that it extends through three different parishes in Louisiana it is home to a lucrative timber harvesting operation.

3. Before founding Wild Game Innovations in 2002, Bill Busbice was the owner of a successful trucking company, Ace Transportation, which catered to the oil and gas industries. Bill later sold the company, which gave the family the needed capital to found Wild Game Innovations.

4. Ryan Busbice came up with the idea for the multi-million-dollar enterprise, Wildgame Innovations, in 2000 after he and his father, Bill, read a story about the volume of deer corn sold by one company in north Louisiana. Ryan had already been experimenting with different feed formulas on the family’s property when the light bulb went off in his head. Two years latter he graduated from the University of Louisiana and Wild Game Innovations was born.

5. The Busbice family now controls a multi-million dollar empire that includes 12 brands and over 2,400 different products.

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8 thoughts on “5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know about the Busbice Family, the Stars of A&E’s ‘Country Buck$’

  1. Listen the dude messed up and now he is paying for it. Now any of you can tell me that you’ve never messed up with anything in your lives then please speak up now! Big Bill knew he was gonna catch all sorts of hell for what he did. Greed is an ugly thing that we’ve all been a part of. If you feel like you still need to rag on him then stop and take a look at your perfect lives! Remember all the things that you messed up on or stole or even was so damn greedy that you just had to have it all. I’m not supporting him for his mistake but I understand he is human and we all mess up.

  2. comment to point 1 he knows dick about wildlife !!! he’s a poacher and a criminal !! just happens to own a lot of land and his family has paid off or bribed people in the right places

  3. His entire legitimacy is now in question! With one (so you say) wrong move, he just put his company, family and all his kills into question! Not to mention, he has game violations in his home state. SO…with that said, who knows how many times this fool has violated and gotten away with it! He did it this time, was that the first? I DOUBT IT. He just got caught so he fessed up quick. But look at all the steps he took to hid it!
    Personally, I hope he loses the whole lot of his business for this! The guy was suppose to be a sportsman and stand up for what is right about sportsman. POACHING IS NOT RIGHT!
    IT all boils down to the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR and producing the next big show, and to what lengths these guys (HUNTING SHOW HOSTS) may go to, to make that next show! Not all do or would do it, but the pressure to put that next epic hunt out there for TV or the DVD is great and that will lead some to do the unthinkable, just like Bill here. The fact that he has other game violations in his home state, makes it worse…It tends to make one think, what has the show gotten away with already?
    I can only imagine what his fellow tv show hosts think. Is producing a show worth that much? In this day and age when the animal rights activist are at the sportsmen/women’s heels, these TV hosts should know better. This is a show that is publicized world wide, and now how many people are there that may have changed their view point towards hunters as all being poachers? This kind of stuff we don’t need!

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