When you pull into a Walmart parking lot at night you might expect to see something out of the ordinary. However, you would not expect to see a bobcat in the bed of a pickup truck. We just found this gallery of  a young man and his new bobcat friend. Make sure you click through to see all of the images, and as a reminder don’t try this at home

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20 thoughts on “Bobcat At Walmart

    1. hahahaha I guess dogs and cats must all have rabies then they all kill. you dumb ass city slickers, how dumb does somebody have to be not to see the collar on this animal.

      1. Boy I try to play around, and I get attacked by some bored keyboard warrior. WOW the trolls are everywhere.

    2. Every thing Kills to eat. Vegetation kills Vegetation, Insects kill insects, animals kill animals and everything kills each other…Nothing is free. Does everything have Rabies?

  1. You can take the cat out of the wild, but you can’t take the wild out of the cat. Another original, by Gayla Suffridge

  2. What mental midget would go on a shopping trip to the local Walmart, and, leave an unpredictable “wild” animal tethered on the back of his pickup truck?????

  3. My mom has a cat that part wild cat part Bob cat, it’s massive, just as big as this one and so extremely loveable. My little girls crawl on him and pull his long ears and he just purrs and is so doscile but I’ve seen him attack my lab when she got too feisty with him and he nearly shredded her.

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