Nice shot! This crazy picture shows a leaping buck and a perfect archery shot.

Here’s a rare trailcam image of a bear and its prey. This bear happens to be carrying a doe.

This velvet buck is taking an extremely close selfie.

These two does are about to engage in an intense boxing match.

put em up!

Oh deer, another wacky selfie.

So my dad set up a trail cam in the corn feeder

Here’s something incredibly rare! This picture shows a nice buck being attacked by a cougar.

Keep your eyes open for this ghost deer when you’re out in the woods.

Here’s another picture of a cougar on the prowl. This hog doesn’t have a chance.

Big cat on trail cam in Paisley, FL

We’re not sure what this is. An alien or a skeleton perhaps?

Lastly, this awesome trailcam image captures a meeting of several cougars.

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