Nothing like a nice peaceful stroll through the woods to put your mind at ease. Oh Wait, is that a moose fighting off a wolf? Nature loves to throw us curve balls, and its nice to have a camera handy when it happens.

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14 thoughts on “Peace and Quiet In The Woods

    1. Why is it that a wolf eating a moose is bad but if I shot the moose and carved out a piece from its butt and cooked it for a meal that is okay? It is being eaten for the same reason: to sustain the life of another animal. Or do you think predators have other options like a grocery store? Hunters going out to live of the land is acceptable…predators doing the same is bad. Predators who were designed to eat those animals by God. God designed them bad. If we had designed them it would be better. They wouldn’t waste meat then, because human beings never waste meat. Not like a big meat recall because of contamination from some cows from California has ever happened or anything. The dogs will win..oh, such a sad story.

      1. I am from Eastern Montana. I assure you that you are more sub-urbanized than I could ever hope to be. I have known good Hi-line people who quit shaving their legs or bathing after attending the U of M.

      2. These animals where not designed by a god, where on earth did you get that idea. It’s survival of the fitess. We as humans would rather hunt and eat the moose. As of yet we don’t eat dogs (some geographic areas do) but generally as Americans we do not. That is why we want the Moose to win. We are in competition with the wolf, for the moose.

      3. Now you are getting in to religion and the theory of all kinds origin…..
        I’m on neither side… But find it amusing how humans can’t stand preditorial competition… “kill them all” mentality…
        And wolves were “here” before humans.. of course depending on your beliefs… It’s is the circle of life, as some may say/believe… But arguing of this is simply silly and simple minded… For all you know it’s photo shopped… If not, a cool experience..

    1. Nothing interesting or cool ever happens on this entire planet…it’s all just photo-shopped. Now you just need to come up with a way to dismiss all the photos taken before photo-shop existed. Before the internet did you ever look @ a copy of National Geographic or are you that young and naive?

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