For just my 3rd Turkey hunt, I was thrilled to be on assignment for Game & Fish Magazine, along with several outdoor enthusiasts from across the nation. This was a carefully chosen group of women brought together for the creation of an episode for “Benelli on Assignment”, now featured on Outdoor Channel Network. Working with Joe Coogan, of Benelli/Host of BOA and Cristie Gates of Benelli was to be one of the most rewarding experiences of each the women, and a successful one for most! Milton Greeson, providing our location on his  private historical Sarco Creek Ranch, Goliad, Texas,  with First Class accommodations, we felt like royalty… until we dressed and packed up for hunting! With this hunt being a television production, it proved to be even more exciting and intense with the challenge of several people in the woods tip toeing around, with cameras, tripods, guns and gear

Setting up for hunting on the ground can prove to be a challenge alone, but despite the cameramen and extra bodies in the woods it was going to work. With camouflage clothing, carefully selected areas, and some expert turkey-talking, those turkey were going down!!

I was extremely curious about how we would call those wild turkey within range! I was amazed that with the right camouflage, carefully chosen spots among the brush,  and expert calling, the turkeys would fall for it Hook, Line, and Decoy! I was very fortunate, as this scenario bagged the largest bird of my Turkey hunting career! I used a Stoeger M-3500 12 gauge, Burris FastFire scope, loaded with Federal 3″ Heavyweight #7, and at 26 yards the turkey fell over backwards, and hardly flopped! I have to admit I was a little skeptical of the new gun, but after patterning the first day, I was completely comfortable, and it is truly a smooth shot.

Just in the last 5 years, the outdoor industry has made great strides in welcoming women into the wild, and I am so fortunate to be given opportunities to promote that agenda, and treat it as my own! This particular group of women included a wide variety, from the editor of a national magazine, a competition shooter, to homemaker and mother of 4, (which could be considered the most challenging!) The mixture created an atmosphere of extreme excitement, like little girls at camp!  Each of us had our own story, as to how, when, and why we were taking it outdoors, and bursting at the seams to share the stories with everyone, sometimes into the wee hours of the morning, only to rise to the occasion later that same morning to tromp in the woods. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to  Benelli USA, along with Stoeger, Federal Premium Ammunition, Hunter’s Specialties, Burris Optics, SHE Safari and other sponsors  that contributed to this hunt, and who are all part of the industry that have begun to recognize, encourage, and support women in the Outdoors.

This experience, once again proves that the hunting trips are often times remembered not  for the time in the field, or the harvest, but for the new friends and special memories made back at camp. I am confident that this episode of Benelli on Assignment will prove to be an exciting portrayal of hunting, with lots of helpful tips for women already out in the field, and encourage other women who are curious.

A week, once again proving that it is not just about the hunt and the harvest, but the time in between that is sometimes the best part. The people in this picture as a group, and individually, were the best part of my hunt at Sarco Creek. Thanx to each and every one in this picture, I walked away with good memories, and lots of smiles.








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