As the owner of I wanted to use this first post to introduce us and tell you about our mission.

4x4OffRoads helps 4×4 owners and off-roaders enjoy their 4×4 and experience safe off-road 4 wheeling. Spending time outdoors at exciting places with your friends and family.


4x4 Off Road!
A Cool 4x4 Off Road!


Have you ever had the challenge of getting stuck without anyone to help you out? Has your truck ever broke down in the middle of nowhere? Do you want to see photos of the coolest trucks and the most amazing trails and areas of the world?

I’ve had plenty of problems – and they still happen once in a while!

I spent years looking for solutions and finally started to share my findings through the 4x4OffRoads site.
Over the years my knowledge has grown and the site I’ve built is also growing fast. As more photojournalists write articles for us the value for off-roaders is top class.

The results are amazing.

So many 4×4 owners around the globe come to us for ideas and inspiration. Sharing their own trials and troubles and helping others at the same time.

The old world used 4×4’s that got stuck often and broke down way more than acceptable. The old world also had few rules for offroaders to follow leading to long-lasting damage to the trails and land. Today we have more reliable 4×4’s that are modified to handle the most extreme terrain. A good usable 4×4 is within reach of almost anyone. And – off’-roaders rarely go off trails, but still have great fun!

Check out the new updated site at!


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