Soft plastics have become a big part of bass fishing over the years.  Just about everyone I know use them.  They are available in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes.  Just about every bait company makes some sort of soft plastics.

Hand Poured Worm - BASSIN'

I have been a big user of soft plastics for some years now and thought all plastics were close to one another in the way they were made.  That was until a few years ago when I found a small company who made hand poured lures.  I gave them a try and almost from the start began catching more fish.  Not only did I catch more fish, but the fish seemed to hold on to the soft plastic bait longer.

While hand poured lures might cost little more, they are much softer and have more action to them in the water.  They come with salt and all kinds of scent in them too.  Hand poured lures are more common on the west coast than anywhere else, but they are starting to make their way all across the states.

The Drop Shot technique is a great way to present these hand poured lures.  Most companies who make hand poured lures make some type of Drop Shot baits.  The people who make these lures mostly work out of their homes and are willing to accommodate special requests.  For example, if you have a “hard to find” or “special color” that you want, they can usually produce it for you.

So if you haven’t tried Hand Poured lures yet give them a try you just might gain that little edge you have been looking for.

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