Even when I was a little kid, small game hunting was always a fun Sunday afternoon activity. My brother and I have spent many hours stomping around the woods in search of squirrel, rabbit or any other animal that popped its head out of the wrong hole (during the right seasons of course and Iowa regulations). Many people stick to their main big game and that is all they hunt. Hunting small game gets you out in the outdoors during different times of the year and really helps me when I have hunting fever.

Choosing the right firearm can vary between different animals but usually when I am hunting for small game in Iowa I use a .22 caliber rifle. It is legal and is what I usually use in any small game situation. But even my first gun was a Red Ryder BB Gun and I needed something to do with it! For youth starting to get the technique of shooting down, a BB gun is a great idea. Taking them out and teaching them the basics of how to shoot is a great way to get them learning about how hunting actually works. I know when I was young all I wanted to do was carry my own gun, this gives them a chance to be satisfied and help out with pest control. Also air soft and pellet guns have been used for smaller game as well.

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