Just how much protection do modern Kevlar helmets offer against pistol and rifle bullets? Find out in this illuminating story by the Box O’ Truth.

Several people have asked me to shoot a new Kevlar helmet. My old buddy Ponyboy finally found a couple and sent them to me to test. Before we start, let me explain that we are not conducting “scientifically valid” tests on these brain buckets. It is my understanding that the military requires these helmets to withstand a round of 5.56 Ball at 200 yards. I am not certain of all the parameters, but it doesn’t really matter, because I will not be repeating their tests. They already do that one and the helmets passed. We’ll do something different. Helmets are mostly designed to protect against shrapnel. I don’t have any hand grenades, but I do have some handguns. Today, we’re going to shoot the helmets with some common handgun calibers and see if they will be stopped.

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