When Outdoors on the Farm got started, Chip Flory was looking for anyone to help out on the show. At first he would have the soon to be pro staff do a segment here and there on the U.S. Farm Report short shows Chip was also looking for private land owners that have been very successful in restoring their habitat. Everyone knows that outdoorsmen love telling their adventurous stories, whether their true or not God only knows, but we all love telling them no matter what the case is. It was not hard to gather up Chip’s closest friends and family and get them to tell their success stories and their downfalls. Our pro staffers have been with the show from the very beginning and are all very knowledgeable in their own field.

When Outdoors on the Farm came together and our pro staff was created, the group was quiet unique and everyone brings their own twist to the show. We all have one thing in common: we want to help bring outdoorsmen and landowners together to make the best out of their habitat.

Starting out with Chip, the host; Chip has been in the outdoors from a very young age and was taught by his dad and grandpa how to make the best out of what you have at hand. He brings the life to the show and through the years has met a lot of successful people that have volunteered to show how they have attained a great habitat to have more fun.. Outdoors on the Farm. Chip has a lot of success stories of his own so make sure to check out what he has added to OHub, our website at outdoorsonthefarm.com, or his updates on Twitter and Facebook. (Chip’s profile link: https://www.outdoorhub.com/author/chip-flory/)

Women in the Outdoors; Emily Flory is the OOTF expert of featured women in the outdoors. Her goal is to get more women in the outdoors by showing how easy it is to get into hunting and fishing, even without the help of a man. Every year more and more women join Emily in the outdoors and are enjoying it just as much or even more then what guys are. Bringing the whole family along on trips in the outdoors in great and more families should try and really see the great in the great outdoors. You can find more articles by her on OHub under her own name or check out her blogs on the OOTF website. Also, you can follow her on Twitter and Facebook. (Check out her profile for the links at https://www.outdoorhub.com/author/emily-flory/).

Youth in the Outdoors; Tom isn’t much of a youth anymore but the teen years have him tied up in sports and school throughout the year. He may only be 15 but he has already seen and experienced many outdoors activities numerous times. As the youth expert, Tom gathers the little ones and gets them started on activities like archery, gun shooting, hunting, fishing, camping and that’s just a few. He loves helping the youth get their chance to learn about the outdoors and loves being out in the field with them. You can see what Tom has achieved in the past year on the Outdoors on the Farm website and Facebook page.

Outdoors with Steve Burda; I’m sure all the pro staffers will agree when you look up outdoorsman in the dictionary, Steve Burda’s face should be the definition. When Steve isn’t working at the local mill, you will most likely find him sitting in a stand, a turkey blind, a flat-bottomed boat or on the bank of the Wapsipinicon River in eastern Iowa. Steve knows the ins and outs of anything related to the outdoors and on the show will teach you about trapping, dealing with landowners, making relationships with farmers, and of course his tricks on grabbing some great memories in the outdoors.

Todd’s Tips; Every dog should have some structure of how their trained before their let lose in the field. Todd Sterrett has helped the Flory family dog, Remington, become the best bird dog Chip has ever owned. Todd’s participation in AKC Hunt Tests for over 12 years has made him quiet known in the dog training business and he brings some great advice to dog owners about how to train your best friend to make your experience in the outdoors the best.

The Mule Guy; When we said that the show was a little ‘unique’ well it’s made that way by our many areas of expertise. People know about riding through the Rocky Mountains to hunt many different kinds of big game but not everyone implements equine into every hunt. Loren Schweer has been friends with the Flory Family ever sense Emily played basketball with his girls when they started at 8 years old. When Chip and Loren weren’t taking the girls around the state of Iowa to numerous tournaments, Chip and Loren would load up the mules every chance they had to take them out coon hunting. Loren rides his mules for more activities then most people would think were possible but if Loren wants his mules with him, well we don’t argue. He gives tips and our viewers a new way to experience the outdoors.

Scott Rolfes; For a show about habitat management, you of course are going to need one of the best biologist out there for habitat tips. In season 1, Scott helped the Flory food plot come to life by helping them decide how to pick the right seed to plant according to the land quality, the area, the weather patterns, and a whole lot of other aspects that go into putting the right food plot together. He can help anyone with a question about food plots, CRP ground, woodlots, and farm ponds. Scott is great at what he does and loves helping people find the ultimate potential in their land.

Remington; For the longest time, Emily and Tom wanted to add to the chaos of animals that roamed the ranch and when Remington came into the picture 5 years ago, no one knew it would be like adding a third child. The black lab took his stance in the house the first day he entered the Flory home. Even though Emily and Tom would say that Sue and Chip spoil Remi more than them, they love their hunting dog like a brother. Remi has been through many terrains for upland and waterfowl hunting and has worked his way into everyone’s list of dogs to hunt with. Even though he loves the camera more than any other pro staffer he has worked for his spot on the show harder than anyone and brings excitement into the field every time he goes out.

For more information on Outdoors on the Farm; check out www.outdoorsonthefarm.com. If you have a question or comment, contact Chip on his OHub profile page or on the OOTF official website.

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