Most of you are starting to get ready for a fall hunt out West and you’re most likely will be hunting at a Waterhole, for Antelope, Elk or Mule Deer. Even if your going to be using an Outfitter the first couple of weeks of any of the Big Game mentioned, you will hunt somewhere around a Waterhole.

As most of you are aware our bowhunting Compadres are getting older and most will have that “Dunlop Disease” and there is nothing more painful than sitting in 90 plus degrees white glaring heat on a 5-gallon bucket, or a Chinese Torture 3-legged chair with your gut up under your chin and your “Straddle” all twisted & wadded up and talking in at least three octaves higher than you normally do! You get the picture?

Well after hunting in ground blinds for the past 40 years and sitting on every contraption ever designed, Bob and Kim Schilly have invented the most comfortable chair you could or will ever sit in, it’s called the SITTINGHAWK ORIGINAL ALL TERRAIN CHAIR BY SITTINGHAWK, LLC.

This chair seat pad is covered in either Lost Camo by Mathews (7.5 oz brushed poly, water resistant) my preferrence or the new Mossy Oak Breakup (7 oz 60/40/poly cotton blend) The seat Consists of two pieces of foam, that is 1.5 inch and a 2 inch convoluted. The back is made of 2 inch convoluted foam. With Velcro straps located on the back and seat bottom for frame attachment. The seat height is maintained by adjusting the front and back legs. The longer the legs the higher the seat, the seat also folds up for easy transportation, or can also be used as a shelf for carrying accessories when you are back packing. The front legs telescope which allows you to sit in any terrain by removing and reinserting pins in the aligning holes. The leg angle also allows for minimum sinking in mud, gravel, or sand. By creating more surface area on the ground.

Bottom line,( pun intended) you’re able to sit for long periods of time comfortably without sweating your butt off in hot weather and be very comfortable. If you hunt out of ground blinds for any length of time you owe it to yourself to purchase the best hunting seat in the industry.

By the way here is a Buck I took in late January of 2011 after sitting in a ground blind all day long with my camera man and we were both hunting/filming out of the Sitting Hawk chairs and when the time came to make the shot I was comfortable and just had to turn slightly, draw my bow back and launch a deadly arrow thru the pump house of the old Monarch Buck and watched him drop.

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