Fishing with live bait is as old as fishing itself. Maybe that is why so many anglers love it; maybe it’s because live bait is so effective. Regardless, not only do anglers choose to use live fishing bait, but they choose to use one particular bait more than all the others— the earthworm.

There are different species of worms, but the point is that when it comes to live fishing bait many anglers automatically think of the worm. And rightly so, seeing as how fish of all kinds like to eat worms and therefore bite worms. As a matter of fact, you would be hard pressed to find a freshwater fish that doesn’t eat live worms.

The interesting thing about using live worms as fishing bait is that most people use the same techniques that they did when they were children. For example, take the act of carrying your worms while fishing. Most anglers buy a container of worms and then carry that container with them while fishing. This is fine, but not very efficient, and leads to worm containers being left all along our rivers and streams.

Nowadays a bait bag can be employed to carry your live fishing bait (worms) while fishing. The angler simply removes the worms from their container and places them into the bait bag. Now the worms are literally at their fingertips and the need to carry containers is gone. A bait bag is a beautiful system for anyone that uses live fishing bait, especially worms. As a matter of fact a bait bag could easily be called a worm bag.

Even if you have to keep buying your worms, getting the worms out of the container and into the bait bag allows you to drop the container straight into the recycling and help keep your favorite fishing spots as appealing to you as they are to the fish.


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