Over the past few years Mike and Shawn have been following a buck nick-named ‘Junior’. They first encountered this buck the summer of 2008 when they got trail camera pictures of him for the first time as a 2.5 year old buck. Immediately they knew that he would be a buck to keep an eye on with his very distinctive rack that had a ton of potential. After having several sitings of the buck while in stand that season, Mike was able to pick up his sheds that winter.

The following summer Junior absolutely blew up! He had gone from a 125″ 2.5 year old to a 165″ 3 year old just like that! Although he would be considered a shooter to many at this point, Mike and Shawn elected to pass him up and let him reach 4.5 years old. Little did they know, they would have encounter after encounter with him that season tempting them to pull the trigger each time he walked by. The guys held off though and after the season was over, they were lucky enough to pick up one of his sheds yet again.

Trail camera pictures the following summer confirmed that he was still alive and in good health and most importantly was still utilizing the same small core area he had all his life.

Follow Mike and Shawn durring the 2010 season on an incredible 3 year quest for a buck nick-named ‘Junior’


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