Turning the calendar to August may not be all that significant for some people but when I see August first on the calendar it’s a pretty exciting day. I figure August first is the half way point between the start of summer (June first) and the start of hunting season (October first). In my mind from here on out we are running downhill towards opening day and, as someone who loves to bow hunt, that is a great feeling to have.

The arrival of August also means it’s time for me to break out the bow and start to shoot on a regular basis to get my muscles and shooting form back into shape. I try to shoot at least a little bit year round but I have to admit that when I pulled my bow out on Sunday it was my first practice session since December’s late bow season. That type of a layoff isn’t something I like to do, nor is it something that I would recommend, but with some regular shooting sessions for the next few months I know that I will be shooting my best come October.

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