Jim Supica and Phil Schreier, Director and Senior Curator, respectively, of the National Firearms Museum traveled south for the opening of the Marksman Exhibit at the National Boy Scouts Museum in Irving, Texas. In addition to the rifles of the National Firearms Museum, there were a number a nostalgic displays that took you back to the original days of Scouting … here’s a look at a portion of the exhibit.

Taken from the "A Century of Marksmanship" display at the National Scouting Museum

From the founding of the Boy Scouts of America in 1910, the shooting sports have been an exciting part of the Sought experience. “Marksman” was one of the first 14 Badges of Merit offered in the Original 1910 Scout Handbook. Of the millions of boys who have proudly worn the Scouting uniform, many had the opportunity to handled and shoot their first gun during a Scouting sponsored event.

Scouts learn marksmanship and firearms safety by participating in shooting sports at various troop sponsored events, District Camporees, summer camps, high Adventure bases and at the National Jamboree. Today National Rifle Association of America training counselors, certified instructors and range safety officers provide safe and education environments for Scouts to learn firearms safety, helping to ensure that they will have an enjoyable introduction to the shooting sports.

Contributed by Lars Dalseide, a regular writer for NRAblog.com.

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