By Larry Saavedra

Many of us are on the fence about joining local retriever clubs because of the many unknowns involved in any type of grassroots organization. Some people think it takes too much time away from family and friends, while others think that they can’t afford the membership dues.

The truth is membership is typically cheaper than you think, and secondly you can often put as much or as little time into the club as you want, you aren’t joining the Armed Forces!

Without further ado, here’s my Top 10 Reasons why you should join a local club:

1. Clubs are a great way to meet like-minded people that know what you mean when you utter the word “bitch”.

2. Local club memberships typically only cost a fraction of what you spend at Starbucks during the year.

3. Club memberships offer you a constant source for training tips and advice.

4. Your new friends are always there for you if your dog becomes sick or disabled.

5. Club memberships always know the best local animal vets.

6. Some clubs offer their members discounts for dog food, grooming and even dog training aids.

7. Clubs typically have lots of training equipment that you couldn’t buy on your own.

8. Members make great training partners and they can help you throw marks and set blinds in the field.

9. Clubs can give you advance notices of upcoming hunts and events in your area.

10. You no longer have to explain to anyone why you think of your dog as an extended member of your family.

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