Nick Mundt is essentially a stand-up comedian in the form of a TV series co-host and passionate hunter, raised in South Dakota and now spending his career on the road or in the woods hunting animals for a living. What a life, eh? Nick spends most of his days of the year out on the road and has covered hunting territory not only in the United States but in some places that many of us would never think to visit, let alone hunt such as Pakistan and South America.

In this interview, Nick speaks about his beginnings in the hunting industry and how he got to be a part of Bone Collector. Learn why his friends call him the “gypsy hunter” and hear his craziest hunting story.

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Interview Transcript:
00:00:09 Tell me about your humble beginnings as a hunter.

Nick Mundt: These guys they kind of refer to me as the yankee, cause I’m from up north. But um, I grew up in a hunting household, my dad was a hunter, my grandpa was a hunter and um you know, we basically… I got my start at a young age, about five years old – went on my first deer hunt and um, just always was really into the outdoors and the wildlife. Always knew I wanted to do something in the outdoors, whether it was being a videographer, or being a hunter, a biologist or something along those lines. I always knew I wanted to do something outside. To get to do what I do today to travel all around, and get to hunt different species. I’ve been all around the world, just been really lucky for me.

00:00:50 What do you like most about the Bone Collector brotherhood?

NM: For me, the traveling part of the job is a really cool thing. You know i’m kind of a guess a, maybe a gypsy at heart, a traveler. But the people are what’s the important for me. To go to new places, different countries, different camps and see how the cultures in the different areas, how they hunt, how they, they live their lives and how they interact with their families and how they eat their meals. There are just a bunch of different stuff that goes on in the different camps you’re in.

00:01:07 What are the ups and downs of being on the road all the time?

NM: Some of the downs of being on the road all the time is you you know, don’t get to spend a lot of time with your family. Obviously I’m on the road anywhere from 200 to 250 days out of the year. During the hunting season I hunt basically all the way from the beginning of September all the way through January and then as soon as hunting season’s over, the trade shows start and the appearances and so we’re on the road a lot. That’s the biggest downside, you never are really in one place. You know, definitely not complaining about it, cause I love what I do, but you’re never really in one place for a long amount of time. And I guess the upside is I’m a gear nut. I love to have to newest gear, the latest stuff. And then of course the hunting. I love to hunt, I love to collect the trophies and put them on my wall. That’s just the greatest thing there ever was for me, just getting paid to go hunting, it’s great!

00:02:11 What’s with all the junk in your trunk?

NM: Well, I don’t know, these guys always give me a bunch of crap cause i’m always on the road somewhere I’m barely ever home. But, typically when I go somewhere, if i’m driving, I’m going three or four places so I pack as much stuff as I possibly can. It’s a lot easier to take stuff when you’re driving than if you’re flying so I bring every little trinket I can. I’m into all the latest and greatest gear. I’ve probably got enough stuff for two or three people in my trailer and truck.

00:02:37 What’s your most extraordinary tip for hunting bucks?

NM: One time it wasn’t my hunt, it was my younger brother on his first deer. There was a bunch of deer hanging around this one area – there was really no cover, there was just a couple of old cars there and so we got my little brother set up in a car. These deer came out and he shot his first buck, it was a nice little five-by-five, shot it right out of this old car and that was kind of pretty cool. You know, had to adapt to the situation, back then they didn’t make ground blinds like they do now. There was really no trees big enough for a tree stand so we got him in that old car and he shot his first buck outta there.

00:03:12 Who influenced you most in your career?

NM: There’s been a lot of people along the way that’ve influenced what I do now. Definitely the guys from Realtree, you know Bill Jordan, David Blanton, Michael Waddell of course are guys that I’ve always looked up to as well as guys like Chuck Adams, Randy Elmer, who are some of the greatest hunters to ever walk the face of this earth.

00:03:35 What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

NM: Probably the best advice I’ve ever been given is to just be yourself. And, I’ve been told that by several people. Don’t try to be what you’re not. You know, let your own personality shine through and don’t try to be Michael Waddell, don’t try to be Bill Jordan, don’t try to be Chuck Adams because there’s only one Chuck Adams and there’s only one Michael Waddell and you know, I’m not trying to be those guys, I just want to fulfill my dreams of shooting a lot of animals and shooting big animals and you know, being the best hunter I can be and making a living doing what I love to do. You mean, nobody likes to go to work to do a job they hate.

00:04:13 How do you use hunting to pick up women?

NM: Haha. Using hunting to pick up women. I don’t know man, I think, for a lot of people… not saying me cause I have a girlfriend, I think it’s all about the chase, you know? Whether you’re hunting, if it runs from you, you gotta try to catch it. I think for a lot of guys it’s all about the chase.

00:04:30 What exciting things are you planning for the future?

NM: Actually, you know, the future for me is all about Bone Collector. It’s all about building awareness and letting people know that it’s okay to be a hunter. Trying to get as many new people as I can involved in hunting. From kids, women, different groups to get involved and what a lot of people don’t realize is that hunters are the biggest conservation group in the world. The species are growing so strong and there’s more hunt-able species now than there’s ever been and it’s because of hunters. So I think a goal of mine is to get as many people involved in hunting as absolutely possible like I said women and children are our largest groups right now, women especially are our largest group in hunting that’s growing and that has to do with a lot of ladies hunting that you see on TV right now. And I just think it’s really great to get those people involved right now so our sport can live on forever, I don’t want to see it die.

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