It takes a lot of guns to win in the National Police Shooting Championships in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Service revolvers, off-duty pistols, stock semi-automatic pistols and more are a must for any competitor with serious hopes of walking away with the title. The question is how many and what kind. That’s why we went to this year’s champ, U.S. Border Patrol Agent Robert Vadasz, for a look at his handguns. First on the list was Nolwin 1911 style 9mm.

“In 2001, I had Nowlin Manufacturing build this long slide,” said Vadasz. “It was one of the few 1911s out at the time with a full site rib and a full six inch 9mm barrel in the 1911. It’s turned out pretty well as I’ve won a Bianchi Cup and three National PPC titles with this gun.”

A left handed look at Vadasz's 1911 style 9mm Nowlin pistol

Nowlin Manufacturing was founded by John Nowlin, Sr. back in 1979. Always out to build the best, Nowlin gained fame and a following for his gunsmithing skills as those who used his guns continued to rack up local, national and world championships. Now run by his daughter, Nowlin continues their quest for never ending excellence.

“This is the second gun that I had built and one of the last guns that John Nowlin, Sr. worked on before he died,” said Vadasz. “He was a great pistol smith and it’s always been very special to me.”

Part of the customization includes a Border Patrol stamp on the butt with Nowlin stamped on one side and World Cup PPC stamped on the other. And when it comes to smooth, you should experience the action on that slide.


Down the barrel of Vadasz's 1911 style 9mm Nowlin pistol

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