Deep in the woods of Georgia, somewhere near the border of Alabama and not far from Realtree Farms, there is a lone cabin miles away from civilization. It sits on a hill surrounded by a thicket of trees and dried grass scorched by the harsh Georgia heat. For one day in September, a production company from Detroit shot the Chevy commercial “The Hunt for Acceptance” with Bone Collector in this sequestered location. Outdoor Hub was on site to do interviews with the Bone Collectors and Realtree representatives and also to grab footage for the following behind-the-scenes video. Take a look to see how it was all done.

[ohubvideo Q4MzR3Mjr9CDtodQkTqr3AxWHwBAmcVd nolink]

This article is part of a series of interviews and videos surrounding Realtree and Bone Collector. Interviews are available with: Nick Mundt, Travis (T-Bone) Turner, David Blanton, Tyler Jordan, Bill Jordan’s CEO to CEO and NASCAR.
Additional videos include: Friends, Family and the Outdoors, Behind-the-Scenes and BLOOPERS.

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