Born in Mckeesport, PA, Wander has called Pennsylvania home for more than twenty years. He received his bachelor’s degree in Talmudic law with honors from a prestigious rabbinical college in Jerusalem and spent several years as a political correspondent for The Jerusalem Post. Wander served as a commander in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and officer in the United States Air Force Auxiliary. before graduating from the University of Pittsburgh with a master’s degree in public and international affairs with concentrations in global studies and the Middle East.

He was kind enough to grant us an interview:

NRAblog: What got you interested in shooting?

Wander: I started shooting bb guns when I was very young. Since I am a dual citizen of the US and Israel I was drafted into the army. (At age 18 there is a mandatory draft for all Israeli citizens male and female). It was in the IDF that I really trained and became interested in shooting. Later in life, my political career has expanded my horizons to a lot of the theory behind the practical knowledge.

NRAblog: When and where did you become NRA Certified Instructor? In which disciplines?

Wander: I have taught firearm training for years, but I became an NRA Certified Instructor this year. I have begun with pistol, but hope to soon complete rifle, shotgun and self defense. I am also an NRA life member and recruiter.

NRAblog: How would you describe the courses you offer? Do you cater to a certain audience?

Wander: My courses are catered to the Jewish community (although all are welcome) and are advertised within the communities. Unfortunately, many liberal Jews are gun control advocates and don’t understand the necessity to train, own and carry a firearm, ESPECIALLY within our community.

I likewise have a website that caters to preparing the Jewish Community. Among other topics, it deals with firearm knowledge and training.

Wander provided us with the accompanying photos. At left, he is pictured serving in Lebanon in 1992.

It was our pleasure to cross your path, Mr. Wander! Keep in touch.

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