Through these gates is the promise of something greater. A day will with rifle fire, shotgun blasts, perfect pistols and enhanced training scenarios that you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else. This is NRA’s San Antonio Tactical Police Competition. But there’s more than just guns. There’s also food.

Manned by San Antonio Police Officers Association Vice President Dean Fisher and volunteer David Turner, bringing out the grill to events like this is commonplace for this Texas group. “We go out to all sorts of events and fundraisers,” explained Fisher. “This is just one of those occasions where I’m tasked to man the pit and keep the competitor’s fed.”

To give you an idea of how much the Association gives, Fisher received promotion to the rank of Detective yesterday. Still, he’s out here feeding the hordes with sausage, tortillas and more. How’s that for sacrifice?

“The position requires that you’re a jack of all trades,” said Fisher. “I haven’t had time to practice so I thought my talents would best be served on the grill. Guess we’ll see what the rest of you think after the first course.”

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