With my family being big into guns, the typical green and red is usually accentuated with a touch of brass and blued steel. Getting the right gift for your beloved shooter can be a bit difficult, but here are some suggestions for gifts that I’d love to get this holiday season.

Just about anything from MidwayUSA
MidwayUSA is one of the best websites for shooting enthusiasts out there. They’ve consistently had great deals on numerous gun ammo and accessories. They’ve got an amazing sale on DPMS AR-15 16″ and 20″ barrel uppers going on right now, offering $50 off each. DPMS is one of the biggest names in AR manufacturing and this kind of deal is indicative of the great stuff you can find at Midway.

A milsurp rifle
“Milsurp” is short for “military surplus”, which means an item was used by a country’s armed forces at one point or another. Milsurp guns are often relatively cheap, making them great gifts. I recommend something with great collector attributes, like a Russian Model 91/30 Mosin or a German K98k, both frequently available online and at your local sporting goods store. Two of my favorite sites for great deals on milsurp guns are AIMSurplus and Classic Firearms.

Hornady Zombie Max Ammunition
Zombies are a big hit these days, from video games and a highly rated TV series to entire online communities sharing their methods for zombie apocalypse survival and undead removal. Hornady’s answered the call for zombie-specific ammo with their Zombie Max rounds made specifically for handling flesheaters. It’s based off of their proven Critical Defense line. I’ll be putting a box of these in my stocking stuffers this year.

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