Who doesn’t like big toys? For the rugged outdoorsperson who enjoys back country hunting, the ATV is the perfect form of transportation to and from the hunting site and is the best aid in transporting harvested game. For owners of vast tracts land, MUVs are a quiet and energy-efficient means of transporting game or for developing food plots or small crop projects. Snowmobiles can be used for work and safety purposes, but in all honesty it’s just a blast past the tree line and snowy mountains in the distance. Here are some of our suggestions for big bad toys for adults.

Big Bad Boy Buggy Backyard Plot Rider
Any Bad Boy Buggy MUV (multiple utility vehicle) would be a perfect gift for the land owner who hunts on his land or needs a vehicle for small land tilling projects. Bad Boy Buggies are electric – no fuel is necessary, just a charger. For hunters, this feature is essential (although they are also available gas-powered). Their electric power source makes these MUVs extremely quiet. When idle, it sounds as if it isn’t even on at all, yet it still has the power to haul big game from the field to home.

Twin Off-Road Vehicles, Pick Your Brand
For an incredibly powerful and fun-to-ride machine, either the Yamaha Grizzly or Kawasaki Brute Force ATVs are great buys. The difference between these two machines is really only the color they are available in. These ATVs are two of the best 4-wheelers you can buy. They offer 4-stroke engines which means they are quieter and easier to maintain (although this minutely decreases power). They offer an electric starting system (turn key, not kickstart), have 4-wheel drive and power-steering. These machines are more advantageous for the hunter who will be back-roading miles and miles to a remote hunting location. For example, you can put it in the back of your pick-up truck and head out to hunt, then ride the ATV deep into your hunting spot but not all the way in so as not to scare off potential game.

A Land-Worker’s Best Friend
John Deere makes a whole line of utility vehicles designed specifically for the farmer or land-worker, the John Deere Gator. There are three types of gators to choose from: crossover, military and traditional utility vehicles. Each is built to accommodate third-party attachments like snow plows and gun racks and have ample space for transporting feed or soil and so on. This gift would be ideal for the person who needs additional help in the field or is getting on in age and just needs an easier way of taking care of his or her plot.

Run the Snow
For a bad@$& machine to dominate snowy terrain with, Polaris is often on the lips of snowmobiling enthusiasts. Simply put, Polaris snowmobiles just don’t break, they are quality machines. For adventure riders this is the right choice. These machines speed up quickly, have a powerful motor and are extremely maneuverable. This is the kind of snowmobile to take on a 100-mile trip or even a 7-day journey. And they come with the indispensable hand-warming handlebars!

Luxury Snowrider
If you want a snowmobile that comes from a company with a long-line of quality products (whose founder even invented rubber track that is standard on snowmobiles now), BRP Ski-Doos are a good place to start. They can go for a long journey just like a Polaris, but are provide more of a luxury ride. Its suspension system makes for especially smooth travel, it has the hand-warming handlebars, goes in reverse and is also great for towing objects behind it.

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