A few years driving on back roads in the boonies would leave anyone with a plateful of stories. In this video, I’ve compiled just a few of them from the drivers and navigators preparing to take on a TSD (time-speed-distance) road rally from Pinckney to Chelsea, Michigan. With some time to spare before the race, the riders were kind enough to share a few of their funny, scary and crazy stories from past rallies. Hear about police appearances, interfering locals and the weird stuff you find in the middle of the path.

[ohubvideo dkMHkzMzqWzMdeveCI_wQYykKoifV1de nolink]

Those are really only stories at the tip of the iceberg in the rallying world. What is your crazy, funny or scary story from your own experiences in rallying or that have happened to people you know? Share you stories in our comments section!

Find more information from the sponsors of this rally at the Detroit Region SCCA’s website.

Photo: Adam Spieszny

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