The best gift you could give a person is life, right? If it’s one thing that kills a buzz around a campfire or destroys a Christmas morning it’s the story of a hunter that fell from a tree stand, the duck boat that capsized or the elk hunter who didn’t come out of the mountains. Let’s be honest: we as hunters love to pursue the adventure and we oftentimes do so alone. Had it not been for a life jacket three years back this trapper would have been found at the bottom of the Osage River. If you’re looking to give the gift of safety this holiday season, here are some suggestions for you.

Hunter Safety System
The Hunter Safety System has saved more lives than I can count. They are the leaders in the tree stand safety industry and have proven time and time again that their product top notch. If you have a hunter in the family who uses tree stands then make sure he/she has one of these vests because besides safety the pockets and overall design make this system the right system to have in my opinion.

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Inflatable Life Jacket
“You’ll never need that vest” is a quote I’ve heard from a bunch of hunters. The truth is anyone who is around water should be prepared with a life jacket, especially if you have waders on and heavy winter hunting clothes. Whether you’re a duck hunter or a kayaker everyone should have a life vest that’s compact but fits your body well. Inflatable life jackets truly are must have and you should buy two this holiday season, one for yourself and one for the outdoorsman or woman in your life.

Personal Locator Beacons
If you have someone on your list that likes to hunt, fish, camp, backpack or just someone who knows how to get lost, you have to consider buying them an ACR Personal Locator. There is no way to stop that outdoor junkie from going out alone into the wild, so why don’t you ensure they can at least call for help no matter what cell phone coverage they have? The ResQLink locator uses satellites to transfer location information to rescue teams. It’s small, waterproof and perfect for anyone that challenges the great outdoors.

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