Get to Know the Whitetail Properties Team: Part One


Whitetail Properties is an organization of land management specialists and expert hunters in business to help buy or sell hunting property or farm land mostly in the Midwest and southeast United States. Whitetail Properties TV was created to demonstrate to hunters and farmers how to manage their land through an exciting hunting show. Get to know some of the members of their team with the bios below!

Dan Perez

Dan Perez, of famous Pike County, Illinois, has bowhunted whitetail deer since he was old enough to draw a 40 lb. bow. Since then, he’s harvested in excess of 350 whitetail deer. Over the past thirty years Dan has focused his attention on exclusively bowhunting mature trophy bucks.

This Specialization has earned him 50 bucks that exceed Pope and Young’s qualifications. Exclusively hunting these old monarchs has provided him a much greater opportunity to study and refine his proficiency as a big buck predator. Hence, all the information Dan conveys on Whitetail Properties TV as well as during his seminars, book and magazine interviews and bowhunting DVDs have been learned firsthand. This intimate relationship Dan has with big buck habitat has provided the basis for his new seminars, “First Time In” and “Holding, Growing and Hunting Big Bucks on a Small Tract”. These two seminars elucidate how to successfully hunt big old bucks in highly pressured areas.

Dan has spent the greatest part of his life pursuing trophy animals with a stick and string and introducing people of all ages to bowhunting and the great outdoors. Back in the nineties Dan was a very prolific outdoor writer, his pen often appeared in “Bowhunter,” “Bow & Arrow Hunting,” and “Bowhunting World,” to name a few. For over 17 years he was the Midwest regional Sales Manager for Precision Shooting Equipment. This lifelong romance with the outdoors led him to an even deeper relationship with every aspect of God’s Country: dirt, trees, leaves, water, production land and wildlife.

Today Dan co-owns and brokers Whitetail Trophy Properties Real Estate, specializing in hunting properties and farm land in the great states of Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska Kentucky and Oklahoma. Along with this Dan is the co-owner and host of the remarkably popular program, Whitetail Properties TV. You can reach Dan at [email protected].

Gabe Adair

Born and raised in the heart of south central Iowa, Gabe has roamed this whitetail Mecca since he was a young boy. Gabe has become an accomplished bow hunter with several outstanding bucks to his credit. His outdoor passion has carried over into a very reputable guide service in southern Iowa and northwest Missouri chasing big whitetails, spring snow geese, and wild turkeys. Gabe’s knowledge of the area as well as his understanding of the habitat it takes to grow and hold big whitetails has made him one of the leading recreational land specialists in the area.

Gabe has made quite a name for himself in the outdoor world through his appearances on Chasing the Flight TV and Whitetail Properties TV as well as his field production with Knock Em Down and cover photo placement with North American Whitetails.

If you are in the market for land in south central Iowa, get in touch with Gabe Adair: [email protected].

Jason Cleveland

Jason Cleveland saw his dad shoot his first deer with a bow in 1976. Five years later, at age twelve, on that same island on the Mississippi River, Jason shot his first deer with a bow… and the passion for the outdoors began. Since then he has avidly hunted whitetail deer, mule deer, elk, turkeys, upland birds and waterfowl. He lives to be outside.

His education includes a degree in agricultural business with a minor in sales management as well as twelve years in sales. Guiding deer, upland bird, waterfowl hunts and fishing trips has also taught him the fine tuning of an ideal experience for an outdoorsman.

Jason has been involved in wildlife management on family-owned hunting properties for over fifteen years. Five years ago Jason started bringing his dreams into reality by purchasing his first hunting property. Since then he has been personally involved in buying, selling and managing several thousand acres of hunting property.

With the combination of education, experience and overall passion for hunting and the outdoors, Jason is armed and ready to match you with the property of your dreams.

Looking for that perfect place in eastern Missouri? Get in contact with Jason Cleveland: [email protected].

Pete Alfano

A native of Pike County, Illinois, Pete has lived the outdoor lifestyle most of his life. His pursuit of bowhunting trophy whitetails has led Pete across seven states. His love for hunting and the outdoors has also led Pete to previously own and operate two successful hunting lodges, producing hundreds of satisfied customers over the years

Pete has a love for the land, land ownership, and land development. He has owned and managed numerous different properties throughout the years, giving him the first-hand knowledge and personal experience to develop and maintain a world-class hunting farm.

Pete has turned his knowledge and passion for the outdoors into a career in the outdoor industry were he has written many articles and has an extensive list of trophy whitetails harvested on film to his credit. Pete’s hunts have aired on Whitetail Properties TV and Realtree’s Monster Bucks volumes 16, 17, and 18.

Buying, developing, and maintaining your own piece of property is a passion of Pete’s and his goal has now turned to helping others find their own piece of paradise to fulfill their dreams. Let Pete put his extensive knowlege to work for you to help you find your dream!

If you’re looking for land in Pike County, Illinois, then contact Pete Alfano: [email protected].

Tom McFarlane

A native of Minnesota, Tom McFarlane has been a dedicated outdoorsman all his life. He has hunted big game in 22 different states and provinces, of which 17 have been in search of whitetails. With these travels, he has not only become an expert on whitetail behavior and habitat in the Midwest, but much of North America. Tom has invested massive amounts of time into research, management, scouting, and hunting strategies. With numerous Boone and Crockett class whitetails to his credit, Tom knows what the recipe is for targeting, developing, and sustaining a world class whitetail property and its herd.

Tom has owned and operated several businesses including a tree nursery company, and part ownership of a golf course. With these businesses he also has experience in the development of investment properties and city planning. He is a certified pesticide applicator and has thorough knowledge of grasses, soils, fertilizers, and trees. In the outdoor industry he has published several articles and has extensive experience in outdoor multimedia, including television. For several years Tom has also served as a consultant to hunters, allowing them to use his knowledge as a tool to pursue something better.

Looking for that perfect piece of land in south central Kansas? Get in touch with Land Specialist Tom McFarlane: [email protected].

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