What are the top fishing destinations across the US? We try to tackle this conundrum in our new “Fishing in America” infographic. Check it out for out list of hot spots along with some interesting fishing facts you may not have known.

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3 thoughts on “The Top US Fishing Destinations (Infographic)

  1. Alaska should be on this list. Its rivers are universally fished by people all over the world. The Kenai River King Salmon is the KING OF ALL Salmon living up to 7 years and reaching weights up to 100 pounds in the river. What this survey does that is statistically wrong is determine popularity by population involved. In the 5 cases shown the population in the business is about 50% of the WHOLE population of Alaska. The true test is how many people squeeze into the available season. Alaska’s season is late April to Late September. I would say more people fish Alaska in the summer on a per day basis than any of the 5 listings.

    1. AK should be at the TOP of the list. Jim mentions King Salmon in the Kenai, but let’s add Silvers and Reds, which are caught far more often than Kings. Chums fight like crazy, and are great fun to catch even if you’re not gonna keep ’em. And, when the pinks are in – get ready for some great fun. Even though pinks don’t freeze well, they sure are tasty when caught fresh and grilled! AK, for me, is the top fishing destination in the U.S.

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