A Fresh Start: Welcoming Back Spring


As the season thaws with spring’s reviving warmth, winter has become a simple memory. We are left with frozen fragments of fond memories clung to our heart and soul; a compilation of brilliant past times spent with family and friends over the warmth of a fireplace, cup of hot cocoa, and holiday meals. Mother Nature has its magical way with time. The cycle of seasonal life and death proceeds with the birth of spring.

Spring has an enduring mystique that supplements our lives with fresh hope and new opportunity. Spring is the only authentic feeling of beginning we as outdoors people sense. It’s the colorful assortments of blossomed flowers and refreshing gusts of warm winds splashing our face. A new season brings the introduction of newborn critters, from elusive whitetail deer to the sly wild turkey. An inspiring dawn of Mother Nature’s finest gifts is presented to us.

A simple glance into nature from the spotless shoes of the casual observer ceases to notice the majestic process of our natural world. They favor to stand on the sideline, oblivious to the wonders of wildlife. Gazing into the depths of what spring signifies has always been a humbling experience for me. There’s nothing overlooked for those who lace-up their boots and experience the prestige wilderness first hand.

My biggest stress reliever is 100% natural. It doesn’t come from the expense of prescription pills, massages at the spa, or indulging face-first into a half-gallon of cookie-dough ice cream. It’s simply relishing the moments of enrichment brought to me from forest and field. My tensions ease from the overwhelming feeling of solitude; an incredible independence that captivates our soul and resurrects the beauty of life.

Spring is a time to stray from this fast-paced, hectic world and lunge into what God has created for us. Splurging an entire day hiking through the woods with an attentive eye and curious mind is as tranquil to me as lounging at a sandy beach.

Last weekend I spent the afternoon lost in the beauties of Wisconsin’s woodland. It’s a place where I grew to understand the foreign messages behind chattering squirrels, gobbling turkeys, and the innocence of chirping songbirds. The spring brings a new product of natural medicine that only outdoors people would appreciate.

Leaving my cellular telephone and wristwatch at the house was my interpretation of an escape. My intent was to momentarily flee from the world were all too used to. Every now and then our soul begs for mercy, cries for rest and asks to return to a place of serenity. Sometimes it’s important for us to forget the time of day or who to call. It gives us an indescribable intimacy with our natural environment. The soothing aroma of morning’s dew upon a pinecone scattered forest floor begs for a sniff. Symphonies of birds orchestrate sweet melody from the treetops. It’s truly the simple things that we so often overlook. Taking a nature walk is all about immersing your heart and soul in the wonders of wildlife.

As we move forward with dazzled eyes and bright thoughts of new seasons’ greetings, I welcome you to spring.

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