Interview with Meg Allen of PowerSports Adventures


Several weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting an interesting outdoors woman who really enjoys everything about powersports and fishing. Meg Allen grew up camping, fishing and riding dirt bikes. Today her passion is snowmobiles in the winter and riding ATVs and stream fishing in the summer. She hosts the popular TV show PowerSports Adventures with Blake Allen airing on the Altitude Sports and Entertainment Network.

I had the opportunity to interview Meg for the ATV Camping Blog about her exciting life. So here is the interview:

Who or what influenced you to become such an outdoorsy type of woman?

My dad. He loved to camp and fish. I spent my summers growing up in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho fishing lakes and streams.

What was your first dirtbike?

When I was 10, I got a Honda 70 for my birthday. I lived in Canton, Texas and would ride it for miles on the dirt roads between the farms and ranches.

When did you start riding ATVs?

In 2004 I met Blake Allen. He introduced me to ATVs and snowmachines. Been hooked ever since.

Have you ever been ATV camping?

Yes, as often as I can. The more you get back in and away from people, the better the fishing is. We take our ATV, RZR and a Bosski Wagon.

What was your most memorable outdoor experience?

OK, this is a hard one. The first thing that comes to mind is when I came nose to nose with a grizzly bear at Half Moon Lake in Montana. I was only about 12 or 13 at the time. I was fishing where a creek came into the lake. Definitely not paying enough attention to my surroundings, when I hear a noise beside me. There was the bear. I dropped my rod, reel and fishing creel, which was full of brook trout and backed up real slow. The bear went for the fish and I high tailed it back to camp.

The most fun I have had in the outdoors is riding sleds at a trail system near my home. I love gliding over the snow and having the total freedom that a snowmobile gives you.

How did you get involved hosting PowerSports Adventures?

Always wanted to be an actress. When I was a kid I did commercials and a couple of movies. Went to a few drama schools too. PowerSports Adventures is a way of combining my two loves, the outdoors and acting.

Where all have you traveled to for PowerSports Adventures?

All over the United States and Canada. Our upcoming episodes will take us to the sand dunes of Oregon and Wyoming, Great places to ride like Glamis, Moab and we will be filming our “Rally In The Pines”.

What is next for you and PowerSports Adventures?

Right now I am working on making “The Rally In The Pines” a great success. We have motorsports enthusiasts coming from all over the United States and Canada.

Meg Allen, it was a pleasure interviewing you and thank you so much for opening up and giving us all a glimpse into your exciting life and your love for the outdoors. Hope to see you on the trails sometime and look forward to your next episode of PowerSports Adventures.

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