For most people who don’t hand load, or reload, their own ammunition commercial manufacturing is a bit of a mystery. Here is a really interesting video the shows how ATK produces .22LR ammunition at their CCI facility in Lewiston, Idaho. The video is not incredibly detailed, but I think it would leave all but the most curious of viewers satisfied.

Note added 5/21/14: This article has been updated with another video embed.

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57 thoughts on “Video: Have You Ever Wondered How Rimfire Ammunition is Made?

  1. I remember how distinct the shape of the 5 sided hole was on the “stinger” back when it was first introduced in the 70’s , too bad the tooling hasn’t been kept up to date….

    1. Designs change over time. This is the plant I worked for 38 years in their machine shop and I saw lots of changes, and made some myself with engineering approval. I know several in the video.

    2. I made 100’s of those tips over the years that make that hole. My last 30 years I worked in the machine shop. Fun job and nobody gets in your way. the tolerances are to the .0003 most of the time.

      1. Thanks for the FOLLOW. If you are ever out here I’ll try to help you get a tour of the plant. There are 3 locations here and I worked at 2 of them and still have many friends working there. I’ve worked in bullet making, lead recovering, plastics and the machine shop. But I’ve been in most of the other 20 departments for some reason or other. It covers about 20 acres in the 3 locations. We have been through bomb scares, fires, and a few explosions Yet it is a safe place to work. The explosions are very confined and the buildings are made to release the pressures and the rooms are back into production quickly. my email is flyguy218 on hotmail

  2. i have used cci first choice and hornady second choice for my .22 single action pistol. because i know what i could and could not do with it the .22mags are also brutal if you know where to put the bullet

    1. All .22 cal and 9mm is completley sold out in St. Louis and most of MO. Has been for over a month now. There are a couple of stores that have some it but it is just for their ranger or at a high premium.

  3. Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, VP Joey B and Big O buy up every round of 22 rimfire until Congress makes 22 rimfire illegal, and the buys are all using your tax dollars. Doesn’t it make you feel warm and fuzzy knowing that the parens patriae of our society are making sure that evil evil things are removed from all society?

    And it wasn’t even their own idea. Their role model showed them the light and the way in 1938.

    “An innovation of the 1938 law was to ban .22 caliber rimfire cartridges with hollow point bullets, … .”

    Halbrook, P. (2000) “Nazi Firearms Law and the Disarming of the German Jews” 17 Arizona Journal of International and Comparative Law, No. 3, 483-535 at p. 513. Retrieved 2/13/13 from:

  4. I was always wondering how the primer was made in rim fire cases. Now why can’t the be reloaded? There is many rim fire case out there just lying on the ground so why cannot they be reused.

    1. They could be but you note the dent on their rim where the firing pin hit that spot will no longer work again, so a reload that was struck in the same place would misfire; after a very few reloads it would not work. Besides at 3C EACH WHY RELOAD? Also the prming stuff is a very high explosive. Besides this will be over in 4-5 months ,and people had plenty of warning if they have none it’s good for them to sweat.

  5. I haven’t seen a single 22 cartridge on the shelves of any store in Floida since 12/24/2012, 3 months ago. Obama is really screwing us.

    1. It is getting scary at how empty the ammo shelves are getting. Yet DHS is stockpiling. Makes you wonder what they are up to. Basicaly if you see ammo on the shelf you should be buying it up.

  6. and at 4 million rounds a day getting produced, it is still not enough to meet the demand. I was at a gun show on Saturday where some guy was asking $80 for a 525 count brick of .22 ammo, and the worst part of it was that there are people willing to pay this. so stupid.

  7. They need to expand their works to put out more ammo–say 20 million rounds a day.
    They have to be making money hand over fist, they should be able to afford it.

  8. I have shot a lot of .22 in my lifetime. I find it very informative to learn how they are made, especially how the primer material is placed in the rim.

  9. I like the CB longs, they don’t make any noise in Moosberg 702 Plinkster and they can go all the way threw a pine 2×4. They pack a lot of punch for an almost silent round. They’re good for stealth hunting without alarming the neighbors. My .22 pellet rifle makes much more noise but is doing good to completely bury the pellet in the board. They do make a little noise in my Ruger 10/22, not sure why as they don’t eject from either rifle.

  10. 16 pallets is only one semi truck load per day, which will go to one retailer’s distribution center, for one small region, which will be broke down to a case per store. If Department of Homeland Security is grabbing half. That does not leave much for Joe Six-Shooter. Time for CCI to ramp up to about 20 million rounds per day.

  11. Why is there such a huge shortage of 22 ammo in ALL stores?? And when are they’re going to be back on the shelves??

  12. Would be nice if we, as customers, could even get all the varieties of their ammo!
    hard to find any supplies today!

  13. Video 1 and 2 were pulled off YT sometime between mid-March and now (mid-April). Not to fear! Shooting USA has it on the website… for 9.95, and it comes by snail-mail.

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