Many anglers are just now getting to know how much fun it can be to fish for carp. At one point this “trash fish” was scorned by “serious fishermen” but as this video shows fishing carp for sport could be the next big trend.

Video: Bent Rod Media and Southern Culture on the Fly

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3 thoughts on “Video: “Carp: It’s What’s for Dinner”

    1. Probably because they are true sportsmen and you clearly are not.
      Nice video – more and more Americans are learning why carp are the #1 sportfish in the world,

  1. Those who know how to fish for carp and how to clean and cook them are way ahead of the game. The meat is delicious. Fools are slow to learn and that is good for those of us who were raised in the south knowing how to survive. Carp will do a lot more than just let one survive, You can live well with a good supply of the fish.
    Fools who want to cut the heads off and pitch them on the bank need to give them away to people who value the fish.
    For the Carp fisherman, see you at the next fish fry at the volunteer fire department firehouse.
    Mark the spot where you throw those carp out.

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