Nature and the Pursuit of Life: Memorable Moments without a Camera


I woke up feeling totally energized on this June morning and thankful that my wife Nadine talked me out of rolling to the bars with my boys the night before. The weather has been hotter then a cayenne pepper across Michigan this last stretch, so I was relieved to notice that my iPhone weather app said the current temp was 75 degrees, finally a bit cooler. After digesting my morning dose of online media and clearing out 100 or so emails, I put on my work out shorts and prepared to sweat for a half hour of hard core exercise. Looking outside, I just had to grab a rod and reel and toss a pointer swimbait out a couple times in the lake behind our house as the big bass love them this time of year.

I walked to the dock and a few casts later a solid largemouth smacked my bait. I knew he was a fatty by the ripple of the water as he was just beneath the surface and by the way he was pulling line. He tugged the bait into the cat tails and became tangled up. I realize I have no choice but to either lose my lure and maybe kill this beautiful fish, or take my shoes and socks off and jump in and go get him. Needless to say I did the latter.

I didn’t have my cell phone with me so I couldn’t take a picture, but that didn’t much matter to me as it is now another great memory in the field. Something that I love about the outdoors are the conscious moments where we have experiences that will always become a part of us. I will always treasure these 10 minutes in the lake behind my house and I do not need a picture or a video for that. When conscious, the video is in the mind and soul of a true outdoorsman. Sometimes in life the most precious memories are the ones that go un-captured on camera, but rather live inside and as a part of us. To me, this is what memories in the outdoors are all about.

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