Just when you think nothing new can be added to broadheads, someone does something a bit different. Thanks to Dale Perry from No Limit Archery for taking the time to talk to me about their broadheads. Well-known Arizona bowhunter Corky Richardson was raving about these heads at a recent clinic put on by the Arizona Antelope Foundation as were several others in the crowd.

1. What prompted you to build your own broadhead?

I’m that guy who always says “Why can’t this be better?” I wanted the cutting diameter of a mechanical but the penetration and never-fail aspect of a fixed. I was talking with the guys at the archery shop and they said there was no such thing. I thought to myself “Why not?”

2. What makes the Grave Digger better?

I think it is how the kickout blades lock and how they cross each other so I could make them sharp all the way to the point. You see, all mechanicals have a blunt edge or a notch to catch the skin of an animal to trigger the blades to open. The design of the kickout blades on the Grave Digger solve this blunt edge problem. The blades are sharp to the tip so they penetrate very well, yet the pivot point is on the inside of the blade so they use less force to open. No need for blunt edges that sap energy and penetration to trigger the opening of the blades.

3. What has been the biggest challenge in bringing your head to market?

Manufacturing is always the biggest challenge. From transferring your ideas to paper and from paper to machining. Having consistent tolerances in the machining process is key. I had a perfect design but when we put in the weight of the material it was 259 grains, that wasn’t going to work. After a few tweaks I came up with a few designs right at 100 grains.

4. Every small company seems to have its own personality. How would you describe No Limit Archery’s personality?

I would say “passionate”. I am a small company but I have some of the best hunters and shooters on my prostaff. They love the
product and sometimes it drives them crazy when people say something bad about the Grave Digger. I just try to tell them you can’t please everyone. I do have to say most people that say bad things have never tried the broadhead. Once they do, most change their opinion.

5. Would you like to diversify down the road, or stick with broadheads?

That goes back to the first question, “I’m the guy who always says why can’t this be better.” I have a few things I’m working on, let’s just say that.

6. For people who aren’t familiar with your company, what would you want them to know?

The main thing is that I understand customer service is something that lacks in today’s companies. I just want people to be happy with there purchase and if they’re not, I will do everything in my power to fix it.

7. What’s your dream hunt?

I would have to say hunting Cape buffalo with a bow would be awesome. If I ever became financially able I would like to take the people that have been helping me launch the Grave Digger to Africa as a group, that would be a blast!

I want to thank Dale again for taking the time to help my readers learn more about this cool broadhead, and they are headquartered right here in Arizona. It will be fun to stay in touch with them and watch their company grow! You can read more about their heads here.

Ready to buy? Shop online here.

Images courtesy The Desert Rat/No Limit Archery

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