Utility ATVs are great fun but they are also helpful around the farm and while hunting. ATV hunting has gained popularity not because of the ATV itself but the accessories that make getting to and from the hunting area much easier. The following are the top seven ATV accessories for ATV hunting.

  • ATV Racks and Baskets – Having a gun rack or bow rack on your ATV makes for safe and easy transport of your firearms. Adding baskets to your ATV makes it easier to haul game and supplies. There are also aftermarket racks and baskets for UTVs.
  • ATV Winch – Every utility ATV should have a winch. They are not used that often but when they are they are invaluable. An ATV winch can help free a stuck ATV or help pull your game out of a ravine or ditch.
  • Power-Loader – Load big game without physically picking up one pound! With the help of your ATV winch the Power-Loader can do the work of 2 – 3 men regardless of your age. Easily load and carry your treestand.
  • ATV Backpacker Trailer – When hunting big game such as elk or moose the ATV Backpacker trailer is a hunters best friend. With its unique drop-down design, loading your kill is a breeze. You can use this trailer year round for hauling your camping gear to those remote back country campsites.
  • ATV Luggage and Bags – A set of ATV luggage or bags provides a great place to carry extra ammo, your field dressing tools, a spotting scope and whatever else you may need on your ATV hunting adventure. Many of the ATV bags are available in camo.
  • Camo ATV Cover – Many areas don’t allow the ATVs off the trail except maybe to retrieve your game. So the ATV is parked as close as possible and the hunter pursues the hunt on foot or from a treestand. So protect your ATV and help conceal it with a camouflage ATV cover.
  • Handheld GPS Units – Most successful hunter have already scouted the area before hunting looking for animal signs and tracks. By marking their coordinates in a handheld GPS unit ensures they find find their idea hunting area when they return for hunting season.

These top seven ATV accessories for ATV hunting will help your utility ATV work harder for you on your next hunt. Need hunting gear and more ATV accessories? Check out the broad selection at CampingATV.com.

Image from Brian Gautreau, bgautrea on the flickr Creative Commons

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