Have you ever heard the sound of light freezing rain as it lands on a tent, ground blind, or a ladder stand? Have you ever noticed the smell of an approaching rain storm, and did it cause you to stop and dream of being out fishing? Does a painting or photograph of an old barn, snow-covered fence row, ocean waves or a foggy river bottom cause you to live in a moment that is simply perfect?

I believe there are moments in life that captivate the soul and reserve a special place in our hearts. These moments, when called forth, not only power our dreams but also shape our present reality. For years I have told people that my life begins at 65 degrees; a temperature at which the hot summer sun is broken and deer season begins, at which old man winter gives way to the spring turkey season and spawning fish. We each relive memories that are special to us, but how often do we find ourselves in the moment where a dream is being crafted, a moment you realize will haunt your passions for a lifetime?

It is the fall of 2012 and I have come to realize that I am experiencing such an instance while standing the in the heart of Buffalo County, Wisconsin as a 55-degree late morning breaks into a misty, overcast afternoon. With more rain on the way and the wind lightly blowing across corn rows planted nearby, I find myself in a moment that dreams are made of. This realization occurred while I stood on the porch of a 100-year old homestead encompassed by tall bluffs covered in oak trees. Neighboring the old farm house is a resolute red barn that in of itself could tell legendary stories. I can smell bacon frying, hear laughter from the bunkhouse and feel the heat steaming from my coffee cup. In this moment the world stops spinning, there is no stress, and the one thing I long for is the opportunity to capture this memory to share with others.

Dreams shape our passions as well as our realities. My passions are more than just hunting, trapping and fishing. They are a pursuit of a frozen time when life is simple, elegant and perfect. When temperatures reach 65 degrees, my heart continues to smile and when a cool damp wind blows over my shoulder I will smell the truth in life. Now more than ever will have a benchmark for measuring what dreams are made of.

In closing, I must confess that I’m not sure what Tom Indrebo expects to see when he reaches heaven. I can’t imagine it’s anything more perfect than what he already has. Tom and his family own Bluff Country Outfitters located in Buffalo County, Wisconsin, the place I speak of in this story. Please consider visiting Bluff Country Outfitters for terrific views and the biggest bucks in the United States. You can read my full review here.

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