Hank Parker is a professional bass fisherman who brings his hard-hitting “bubba bait” tactics to the field when he bowhunts. He also has taken a serious liking to faster bows after he switched to a PSE X-Force bow several years ago.

I took a 170-inch buck in Kentucky one year, and my sons went with me to help photograph the hunt. This buck had cool antlers, including five brow tines on one side of his rack. He was an overall awesome buck. The man who owned the property had found the sheds from this buck, so we knew he was there. We put out trail cameras before we hunted but weren’t able to get a picture of him.

Then one day I was in my tree stand, and suddenly I spotted this monster buck about 45 yards from my stand. I only had one small hole in the limbs and leaves that I could shoot through to possibly take that buck. I looked at my 10-yard pin and picked out a tree that was about 40 yards away. I wanted to make sure my arrow could clear the hole I had to shoot through, if this buck walked by that tree. Finally, the buck walked by the tree. I drew my bow, aimed through the hole and prayed my arrow could clear the limbs. I made a solid hit, and the buck only went a few yards before he went down.

After all the high-fiving and picture-taking was over, I asked my sons Billy and Hank Jr. to climb into the tree and look at the hole I had to shoot through, to see if they could make that same shot with the other company’s bows. They both agreed that there was no way they could’ve made that shot, because the bows they were shooting weren’t fast enough to clear the limbs framing the hole and reach the buck 40 yards away. They knew their bows didn’t shoot flat enough to have taken that buck.

Both my boys realized I wouldn’t have been able to take this trophy buck if I hadn’t been shooting a PSE bow that shot flat and fast.

“Many bowhunters say speed isn’t really important in a bow,” I told the boys. “I beg to differ. Without the speed I get out of my PSE bow, I wouldn’t have been able to take the shot at this trophy buck.”

To learn more about Hank, Billy and Hank Parker Jr., go to www.hankparker.com or www.hankparker3d.com.

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Image courtesy Hank Parker

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