For several years I have believed that each of us has a peak activity window of 3 hours per day. When we focus all in on these 3 peak activity hours we work ten times more effectively than any other time of the day. There are two peak activity window types; you are either the Rooster or the Bat. The rooster is an early AM person; the bat is a late night person. By attacking this peak activity window I am gaining a 30 hour daily advantage on the competition, and so should you!

Watch my video to help you leverage my system and KILL THE COMPETITION!

Are you a Rooster or a Bat? Let me know!


Image Courtesy McD22 via Flickr

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23 thoughts on “Killing the Competition: Are You a Rooster or a Bat?

  1. This is one of the most valuable 1 minutes i have invested in my life! I now know i am a rooster without a doubt and i peak from 7-10 am. I can adjust my schedule at work to acomodate and i will. Thanks David for helping answer some questions i was having! So neat thanks Farbz!

    1. T Parrish my man! I hope you are killing it in new york! Thanks dog and so glad it helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! own that brother! 7 to 10! U know i love those bats!

  2. I have to agree with Tim. I’m definitely in the zone from 7-11am. It’s definitely all about adjusting that sleep schedule. If you get yourself in bed 15 minutes earlier than your usual bedtime for a week, and then go to bed 15 minutes earlier than that the week after, you can slowly train your body to fall asleep sooner and have the energy to get up earlier. Now if I can only get myself to do this, then it would be worthwhile.

    1. You go hunter! Rock that am and own it and great advice on the 15 minutes for peeps to consider. Thanks great comments!

  3. I can vouch for these 3 hours of massive productivity. I’m definitely a bat and do my best work late at night when I’m able to work solo free from distraction.

    1. Own that night time Rich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peak it out brother and KILL THE COMPETITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sorry man – I’m the cattle dog – I get up with the rooster and go down when the work is done! Kidding, I’m so a bat, it is really crazy how my mind clears out and I can just hammer out work come 9-10 at night. Good thought piece farbz.

  5. Outstanding mr. Farbman. This is just the kind of thinking that helps me. I think I’m a bat and my peak activity window is 9 pm – 12 am. Guess I better not be going out so much? Well maybe it’s a good thing. Thanks and love your website sir.

    1. D2 thanks man! I love hearing that and go own this! I think you are talking about and thanks its been a lot of work man!

  6. this confirms why i stay up so dang late at night, thanks farbz. I now know what to tell my girl when shes complainin.

  7. this confirms why i stay up so dang late at night, thanks farbz. I now know what to tell my girl when shes complainin.

  8. I am such a bat:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    10 pm to 1 am i sore above it all and i wake up to my best stuff. It isnt always so easy to do but i shoudl get these hours more! thank you david for the great tips and for reminding me of something i have been taking for granted.

  9. Interesting topic! I have suspected this for some time. I have less pain is the evening and also a surge of energy. Unfortunately, many of the things I do and people I see are rooster types.

    1. Fish buster this is a tough predicament. I still think u need to rock that bat time even with it however. Always take 10x advantages! Thanks 4 your comments. Take a look at more like it @

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