How much of your time is wasted focused on emotion, focused on ego and not on the desired outcome? I totally get it, I’ve spent too much of my life there–stuck in the waiting game, the incomplete game. I could not set clear desired outcomes as the clouds were abundant and the lens which I saw through had lost its hunter’s edge. Despite trying hard, I never seemed to get that which I truly wanted and then I figured out one day that it was me that was blocking greatness, me and nobody else.

I discovered that when we tap the hunter inside of us–our natural order–things become clearer. All that we need for business, life, or the field is already there. We just have to see it, believe it, and stay out of the way and let the hunter take over. The true hunter knows its purpose and does not get caught in the noise, the ego, or the waiting game.

We are all hunters, whether we are hunting an antique, chasing a huge business deal, or trying to take a dall sheep at 10,000 feet. The sooner we start to realize that we must become hunters in our business lives, in our personal lives, and in the way we pursue our goals or our desired outcomes, the sooner we shall live a life of deliberate purpose: a life of successful hunts.

The time has come to unleash the hunter and track down that which has previously eluded you. All that is needed to be leveraged is inside of you, so wake up because the world is waiting, hunter, and it’s open season…


How would you change it up? How will you unleash your inner hunter?

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8 thoughts on “We Are All Hunters

  1. Now I can see where this is going. Great message and this weekend I’m going to go with my girlfriend to somewhere different and I am going to get up earlier each day over next week. Changin it up!

    1. Man I love to hear that! Thanks Seth you rock! Appreciate the validation and glad it resonated! Change it up my man…

    1. Glad Lindsey I know I may have overloaded the info in this one! Working on it girl and give me time and ill be just right. It’s the 3 bears I suppose. Not too hot not too cold!

    1. Thank u man. What i wanted to say is tap the inner hunter and as a way of tapping that inner hunter in our lives change it up. Glad u took that away man.

  2. Hmmmmmm. I gotta think on this one. Slick concept on the inner hunter. On the side of changing it up I will try a different way to work why not? I will also try to switch up Sunday dinner with my family and not do same roast. Hope the wifey agrees!

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