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Linda Powell has hunted in Africa four times, has made seven or eight elk hunts, hunted grizzly bears once, and has been bear hunting in Russia. She says she has a passion for bear hunts and has been on more than 25 hunts for black bears. “I have taken more than 18 black bears, but I really enjoy watching the bears and learning how they behave. So, on some hunts I don’t take a bear. If I see a bear that seems like he wants to go home with me, then I take him.”

We asked Powell about the transition from being a nurse in the medical profession to being the only woman in a hunting camp. Powell answered, “The medical profession also was a male-dominated profession, so I was accustomed to working with men. My first year of hunting and shooting was really challenging for me. I was in my mid-thirties and had to learn the vocabulary of the outdoors. I approached this new job with Remington as though I was learning a foreign language. I was so naïve in the beginning that I didn’t know the difference between a shotgun and a rifle. Then I had to learn about gauge, caliber, and ballistics. In that first year, I went home many nights and cried and wondered what I’d gotten myself into without knowing much. I asked myself, ‘Will this ever make sense? Will I ever be successful in the world of hunting and shooting?’”

Powell says that mentors made a tremendous difference in how quickly she digested the finer points of hunting and shooting. “After one year and nine months, some of what I was learning made sense. The thing that really changed me as a person and made me realize I wanted to be a professional in the outdoors was that first black bear hunt with a muzzleloader. After the shot, I remember walking up and seeing the bear I had taken. I had an overwhelming rush of different emotions all at the same time. The overriding emotion was realizing that I was now a hunter and would be for the rest of my life, regardless of what I did professionally. I knew that I had changed as a person.”

In our next article we detail how Powell adapted to being the only woman in hunting camps across the world.

Image courtesy John E. Phillips

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