Author’s Note: Linda Powell is Director of Media Relations for Mossberg ( and handles the company’s advertising for print, TV and online. 

The first question many people have about Linda Powell when they learn she’s been on more than 300 hunts is, “What’s it like being on so many hunts with outdoor journalists and being the only woman in camp?” According to Powell, “I learned many years ago that people will treat you the way you treat them. I’m always very professional but not a prude. A hunting camp isn’t like any other type of environment. First, I try to fit in with the group. I also retain my own level of respect. I’ve found that 99 percent of the camps I go into embrace me like any other person. I’ve been told, ‘We love having a woman in camp. It is very refreshing and very different.’”

Powell continued, saying: “I’ve never felt uncomfortable or unwelcomed in any hunting camp. Most of the time, outfitters will make accommodations for me. I love doing really remote wilderness hunts and have been to many tent camps where I’ve shared a tent with a guy, and the hunters have been very respectful. They usually give me a few minutes of privacy before the lantern is turned on and go outside the tent, so I can put on my hunting clothes. I’ve always felt respected and appreciated, and I feel that the men I’ve hunted with have admired my willingness to rough it just like they do. I’m willing to hunt in any weather and any terrain.”

“I’m often asked why I’ve stayed in the hunting and shooting industry so long. I realized early in my career that people in the outdoor industry have a unique quality to be good genuine people. They share common values and really appreciate each other. Too, I’ve become very passionate about hunting and the shooting sports. I love being in the outdoors and all the new experiences I’m able to experience. I’d be horrified at the idea of having a desk job and not being in this outdoor industry.”

Linda Powell truly has a servant spirit. Her first concern on a hunt isn’t about taking an animal but instead helping writers, TV producers and photographers get information, stories, videos and photography. She always brings extra equipment they may need and does everything she can to make each hunt a memorable event for the journalist she hosts and the company she represents.

In our final article about Powell, she explains how to find your dream job in the outdoor industry.

Image courtesy John E. Phillips

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