Make Your Favorite Hunter Merry


You have a hunter in the family who seems to have everything. Well, either that or you are the hunter in the family that seems to have everything. Christmas lists can be a challenge but I have some suggestions, at least some of which you haven’t thought of before. Have a look.

Havalon Piranta Knife ($39.99-59.99)

You have never experienced skinning like this before. The Havalon knife has a replaceable surgical blade that is so sharp, I handed one to my guide to skin my bear on a recent trip and he raved, “It’s like drawing a line with a pencil!” And it really is that easy. When the blade gets dull just snap on another (the knife comes with a dozen blades and replacement blades are available at major retailers and online). I know of at least one case where an entire elk was skinned and quartered with one blade. This is the perfect knife for caping in the field. From taxidermists to trappers, the Havalon has been a huge hit.

LaCrosse Aerohead Boots ($130)

The Aeroheads may be the lightest, most durable hunting boots you have ever owned. Featuring Lacrosse’s Aeroform technology, they slip on and off easily, yet fit snugly around your ankles. The ankle-fit design locks the heel into place and prevents rubbing and chafing. Made of a combination of polyurethane and neoprene, the seams are welded for waterproof yet breathable comfort.

Scent Killer Gold (quart combo $24.99)

Everyone stinks to the game they are hunting and nothing beats the stink more conveniently than Scent Killer Spray. Wildlife Research Center has improved the formula of their spray, which works wet or dry. Just apply it and forget it. It not only kills odor on clothing but prevents new odors from forming. No need to apply more than once a day, and it is safe on bare skin. A quart combo will last all season for even the most active hunters.

The Millennium M150 treestand.
The Millennium M150 treestand.

Millennium M150 Treestand ($249.95)

The M150 is so comfortable that your biggest challenge will be staying awake while on stand. The unique mesh seat hugs your backside and allows you to sit all day for those long vigils on stand. Millennium’s nifty locking system allows you to hang the bracket and then drop the stand into place. You can fold the seat up and secure it in place, which allows you to stand on a roomy platform when not seated. The stand features V-Brace Technology to minimize weight without compromising strength and stability and it’s designed with an adjustable seat height and 15 degrees of lean for tree-angle adjustment. The M150 Monster boasts a capacity of 300 pounds, weighs 19.5 pounds, and has a large and roomy platform. Just be careful you don’t nod off before the big one walks by.

Wicked Tough Pole Saw ($209.99)

Don’t let the price tag scare you off. The Wicked Tough Pole Saw was designed and built by a treestand-hanging animal and it as tough as it gets. It’s made of hardened steel, cast aluminum, and an extremely durable telescoping pole mechanism. If you think you can break it, don’t worry, it has a lifetime guarantee. The rugged hinge allows this 12-foot model to drop down to only 32 inches and it weighs less than four pounds. Once you are out there trimming shooting lanes with this wicked-sharp saw, you will realize your money was well spent. For serious hunters only.

Team Quacker Whacker Duck Call ($65-95)

If you have a duck hunter who is hard to buy for, these custom made calls may be the answer. A “three-generation” company, the father, son, and grandson at Quacker Whacker in Lake Park, Iowa have been turning out individual handmade duck calls in beautiful acrylic and several kinds of woods. These calls are so pretty you will have to overcome your fear of losing it to take it to the marsh; but you will, because they are so rich and lifelike in tone. Each call is different and made by hand in their garage workshop and there are dozens of colorful patterns to choose from.

The Hot Shot Nano Release.
The Hot Shot Nano Release.

Hot Shot Nano Release ($70)

The bowhunter in your family doesn’t realize he or she needs this, but they will as soon as they shoot with it. The Nano release features adjustable tension so you can set it for a crisp, fluid discharge. One critical key to accuracy is cutting the arrow loose smoothly and with precision; the tension setting on this release allows you to set it exactly how you like it. This lightweight and comfortable release aid also offers an adjustable strap so you can fit it perfectly to your hand and finger. This is the state-of-the-art archery hunting release available today.

Brunton Ember ($49)

Cell phones, satellite phones, GPS units, lights, and other electronics are no longer just used in the car or the office. The backcountry and the treestand are places that electronics can be found these days, many of them with dead batteries after a couple days out of pocket. The Brunton Ember is a poser pack with a solar panel that allows you to charge them right up. The Brunton Ember Power Pack is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery that has a capacity of 2800mAh. The power pack is a compact storage reservoir with integrated solar panel for handheld electronics like smart phone and MP3 players. The power pack includes a three-in-one USB cable with mini, micro, and 30-pin Apple connectors for wide-ranging charging compatibility. The Ember also features a 100mA solar panel.

Pride Custom Art ($185)

Need something for the guy who is impossible to buy for? Here’s your answer. Pride Custom Art is your source for one-of-a-kind keepsakes that utilize your photographs and words to create unique masterpieces. This company produces gorgeous art by printing with UV ink on pine panels. You supply the photo and choose from a variety of fonts and styles, using one of their templates or make one up yourself. These 21-inch-by-27-inch attractive pieces of art are something your family will cherish, and the successful hunter will love it.

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